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Saturday 8th June | No comments yet

Summer has arrived and so has our final half term.

This week the children have started a new maths topic of geometry and we have been looking at lines. We have become familiar with the terms horizontal, vertical, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular. We then discovered that lines that are perpendicular form right angles. We have found out what a right angle is, what we can use to check if an angle is a right angle and what angles greater and less than right angles look like. Finally, we used the terms quarter, half, three quarters and full and drew upon our knowledge of time to add clockwise and anti-clockwise when describing turns. Once the new words had been learned, the children spent some time directing their friend around hoops placed on the playground. Over the next couple of weeks, the children will be learning about coordinates, drawing accurate 2D shapes and creating 3D shapes out of different materials.

Our science topic this half term is Amazing Bodies. The children have started to look at what humans need to survive and also the makeup of a healthy diet. Part of the module involves looking at bones and 3B had a great start in this area when L.J. brought in a sheep’s skull he had found. The class were intrigued by it and he gave us a very interesting talk, explaining how he found it. Thanks L.J.  Mrs Daniels collected numerous bones over the years and we will all be examining them in more detail later.

Special mentions this week go to Alfie, Amreece, Vaughn and Erin. Well done!

Finally, Farsley Farfield is a centre for girls’ football run by the SSE Wildcats and several girls from Year 3 attend the training sessions. This weekend, the Women’s World Cup starts and we are all looking forward to the matches, especially those involving England. Their first match is against the Auld Enemy, Scotland on Sunday at 5pm. Come on Lionesses.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield

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