Where would you like to go on holiday?

Friday 22nd March | 2 comments

English this week has seen the classes start their non-chronological report topic. The children have been researching various countries with differing climates. Web sites used include www.natgeokids.com. This is a great site full of child friendly information on a range topics. A more geography focused site, www.kids-world-travel-guide.com, has also been a good resource to use. The children have written their report in the style of a national tourist information brochure that is trying to persuade people to visit their country. The groups have done such a good job that they have nearly convinced me to overcome my phobia and get on a plane to visit their country (but not quite).

Due to the tropical climate in 3B’s classroom, our sunflowers have exploded into life and the children have had to re-pot them as they have outgrown their seed trays. We will be keeping an eye on the weather over the next week and hardening them off during the day if possible, with a view to planting them outside when night frosts have passed.

In PE, the netball group have been practicing their passing and awareness skills. The drill shown below is a good demonstration of the children working as a team to keep the three balls moving around the group.


A reminder that next week is packed with parents evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday and our trip to the Leeds City Museum on Thursday. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to accompany us. Your help is much appreciated.

Special mentions this week go to Jack,Noah, Lottie and Rhys. Well done for a brilliant week.

Have a great weekend.
Mr Beevers and Miss Burland

2 responses to “Where would you like to go on holiday?”

  1. Marion Cole says:

    Well done Y3 – brilliant throwing and catching. I’m very impressed that you managed to keep three balls in the air for so long!

  2. Zoe (Jack's mum) says:

    Jack was thrilled to receive special mention this week for “being healthy.” It was the icing on the cake for him after also receiving his bronze swimming award and you mentioning it in assembly. Jack is loving playing netball, which mummy is very happy about, especially seeing as I used to play for my county when I was a kid!

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