What makes the garden grow?

Friday 10th May | 1 comment

This week, both classes visited Harlow Carr. The children took part in an excellent workshop run by the staff at the gardens on pollination. The children played a pollination game and, after learning about the various parts of the flower, went into the grounds to find and collect samples to create their own display cards. In addition, the children also enjoyed exploring the woodlands, looking at the plants and discovering the hidden sculptures. The weather was a little kinder for 3M and they managed to spend some time in the adventure playground. Unfortunately, 3B had to brave the extreme heat with everyone sweating profusely as you can see from the photos (it rained) and so just walked through the woods.

Our thanks go to Nell’s dad, Daniel’s, Komal’s and Erin’s mums in 3M and Amrit’s, Haseeb’s and L.J.’s dads plus Matilda’s mum in 3B for accompanying us. Thanks you to everyone who offered their support, even if you were ultimately unable to join us. Your assistance is very much appreciated by everyone.

It was great for Mr Winfield to meet the 3M parents on Thursday. If you were not able to make the meeting, you can see the presentation here.

In English, we have been working on setting descriptions and building tension and suspense in our stories. The results have been pleasing.


CRASH! Varjak fell over something that looked tasty. It was a fish. A dead fish. Not a fish that was raw. He started nibbling on it. Eewww. He spat it out and pretended that hadn’t happened. Sssppp. Was there a bin moving? Silently, Varjak tiptoed backwards. He felt as cold as ice. He closed his eyes to not think about it. He couldn’t. Varjak opened his eyes when the wind has stopped… The bin had stopped moving. Varjak’s heart skipped a few beats. Varjak stood still as the wind flew through the alley. After 5 minutes he started falling asleep. Zzzzzz.

“That’s not a good idea!” whispered a gentle noise in his ear. Varjak twitched.


Finally, Mr Beevers is very proud of his class for their contribution to the ethos assembly on Tuesday. The theme was “I know that academic results cannot describe all of what is special about me!” The children volunteered to show a skill or a talent that they had as examples of this. We had hoola hooping, skipping, dancing, football skills, piano playing, African and dhol drumming and magic tricks. No one can say that Farsley Farfield children aren’t talented or brave. Unfortunately, Mr Beevers’ skill of completing the Rubix cube came up a little short.

Special mentions this week go to Kaleb, Ayla, Erin and Isabelle. Well done for brilliant work and a brilliant week.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield

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  1. Amanda Smith says:

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a great school trip. The children were a credit to the school and I think we all learnt alot about pollination.

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