What is the time?

Friday 2nd February | 2 comments

This week in Year 3, the children have been getting to grips with telling the time. To help them do this, they have all made clocks using paper plates and card. They then wrote on the various terms that we all use when describing the hours and minutes. Even though the children have worked hard on this it can still be confusing. Thirty-two minutes past three in the afternoon can be three-thirty-two, twenty-eight minutes to four, 3:32pm or 15:32. Finally, just to add to the confusion, clocks can also use roman numerals, which we have also looked at. Your assistance with homework this week, is as always, very appreciated so that any misunderstandings can be corrected.

The mummification experiment is still in progress and next week the children will discover how successful it has been. Also, next Thursday we will be holding a full day of ancient Egyptian themed work. The classes will discover and make Cleopatra’s favourite food, decorate death masks and learn an Egyptian dance, amongst other things. It would be great if your child could come dressed in costume for the day. An old, white bed sheet and a belt would be a simple way to recreate their dress. On the topic of ancient Egypt, the learning logs have been magnificent this week. The work looks brilliant and the effort is obvious. It is difficult to single anyone out, but Charlie and Aarav in 3M and Rovind, Gursimran and Arthur in 3B caught the eye of the class when they were shown today. Several more pieces have been copied and will be displayed to aid our learning.

Special mentions this week go to Lucy for being the best she can be, Grace for being healthy, Kieran for being a great learner and Oliver for being a good citizen.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Micklethwaite and Mr Beevers

2 responses to “What is the time?”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    Can’t wait to hear how the mummified tomatoes and fish turn out?
    Enjoy your ancient Eygptian day!

  2. Sheila Singh (Ashwin mum) says:

    Ashwin has loved talking about the Egyptian topic and finding out the facts and history. He is looking forward to the Egyptian day on Thursday and dressing up.

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