What a wonderful week we have had!

Friday 6th November | 2 comments

This week, we have started exploring our new text Leon and the Place Between. We thought the illustrations were amazing and the vocabulary was very interesting. We have been writing our very own persuasive adverts for the circus. We challenged ourselves to use alliteration, expanded noun phrases and rhetorical questions.

In maths, we have learnt how to add two 3-digit numbers together using column addition. We used dienes, place value counters and plain counters to help us work out tricky questions that involved more than one exchange. We even managed to add two 5-digit numbers together!

We started our new topic on Europe by looking at the different continents and oceans that make up the world. We are excited to learn about the different countries in Europe next week. We also began our new science topic on Light. We talked about different light sources and objects that reflect light including the moon, which some of us were surprised to find does not create its own light!

Homework for this week includes a maths addition game and a learning log based on our science work.

Well done to everyone in Year 3 for another week of brilliant work! Have a lovely weekend.

(written by Theo and Zain)

2 responses to “What a wonderful week we have had!”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Great job Theo and Zain – it’s so good to hear what you are working on and all sounds incredibly interesting!

  2. Megha says:

    Oh wow!! Well done Theo & Zain x

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