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Friday 11th June | 1 comment

We have had a wonderful week in Year 3 made even better by the sunshine and our time on the adventure playground.


This week, we have been looking at list poems and having a go at writing our own. We started by making lists of strong and delicate things then chose our favourite list to develop into a poem. The children used some excellent vocabulary and even had a go at using similes.

In our guided reading sessions we have been reading a new text called Varjak Paw by S.F.Said. The tale follows a Mesopotamian Blue kitten on a journey of survival. So far, we have met several different characters and made profiles for our favourites. We have made some big predictions about what will happen throughout the story and we can’t wait to read on!


We have been continuing our work on shape this week by looking at parallel and perpendicular lines and angles. We went on a hunt around the classroom to find different examples of angles and lines and came across some interesting observations. The children really impressed us by using this knowledge later in the week to describe the properties of different 2D shapes.

Next week, we will be starting our work on time. There are some excellent games on the Topmarks website that you may find beneficial using prior to and during this unit of work to support your child’s learning.



Our history lesson this week focussed on a brave warrior that led the Iceni tribe to battle against the Romans. Can you guess who she is? That’s right, Boudicca! We took our learning outside and created a timeline of her life. We then had a debate about whether we agreed with her life changing decisions or not. The children came up with some excellent reasoning behind their answers!

On Friday 2nd July we will be having a ‘Roman Day’ full of different activities. Children are welcome to dress up as a person from the Roman era if they would like to. They could be a Roman soldier or even Boudicca!


The weather was finally in our favour for PE this week as we welcomed a new cricket coach to school. Each class took part in an hour long workshop to develop their throwing, catching and batting skills. The children were fantastic role models and put 100% effort into the session. Of course Miss Ellis joined in the competition and set the bar high for the number of runs in one of the activities! Who will be the fastest next week?

This weekend marks the start of The Farsley Farfield Great Mountain Challenge! We plan to get outside and complete lots of walking and running around the school grounds next week. We will post our totals on the class blog next Friday for you to add to your child’s record.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend in the sunshine,

Miss Ellis, Mrs Begum & The Year 3 Team

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