The Force is with Year 3

Friday 12th January | 2 comments

This week in Year 3, we have been learning about forces during Science lessons. We discovered what gravity means and how it affects objects. We also investigated air pressure by building paper windmills and moving it through the air at different speeds to see what happened. Jimi also claimed to be able to use the “force” to read minds. He impressed his classmates (and teacher) by correctly guessing a number chosen at random on a series of cards, although I suspect that the force Jimi used was in fact the force of great maths!

Next week, the children will become budding William Shakespeares. Their task is to rewrite a scene from The Golden Goose in their own words and using their own ideas. The Golden Goose is a mystery / thriller play based in Ancient Egypt, linking well to our history. They may even use some of the information they learned this week about the River Nile in it.

Year 3 still impress by leading the school in the average distance run during the daily mile and the weekly cross country run. Many children have achieved 42.2km / 26.2 miles and some are well on their way to their second marathon.

Special mentions this week are, as always, well deserved and they go to Ethan for being happy, Kiera and Sonny for being the best they can be and Arthur for being a great learner.

Finally, please remember to sign reading record books every day and that the Learning log is due back on Wednesday, along with this week’s Maths homework.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

2 responses to “The Force is with Year 3”

  1. Ruth (Arthurs mum) says:

    We are very proud of our Arthur for getting a special mention last week. He’s been telling us about Jimi using the force and how to make a windmill. We’re having fun at home investigating magnets. We’re impressed with his use of technical vocabulary around forces. We’ll done Arthur!

  2. Sam (Charlie’s Dad) says:

    That sounds like a very exciting week, especially all the work in science. We’re looking forward to finishing the learning log work now Charlie has been learning about forces!

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