Sunflowers in the sunshine

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We have had another fantastic week back in school with the added bonus of some spring sunshine! The children have shown great independence and resilience over the week as they completed several assessments. The results of these have been interesting and have allowed us to clearly see the topics that need revisiting now the children are back in school.


In our English and guided reading lessons, we have continued our work on Shackleton’s expedition. We have focussed on developing our summarising skills, breaking the text down into key events. We couldn’t believe the danger they faced on their journey to find help. We will be finishing our work on this with a final diary entry from Shackleton’s perspective next week.


We got our hands dirty in our science lesson this week! Our lesson focus was all about the roots of a plant and their function. We looked at the roots of our sunflowers and carried out some observational drawings of these. We were blown away by the roots of the rainbow chard growing in the tower garden as not only were they impressively long, they were multicoloured! We planted our sunflowers into bigger pots and some hard working helpers started clearing the bed outside Year 3 ready for when the sunflowers are big enough to go outside.


In our geography session this week we looked at the different fauna and flora found in the UK and how this differs to that in other climates. We also discussed different ways in which we can help protect our wildlife – recycling and donating to charities were a couple of the fantastic suggestions we had. Today, our in PSHE lesson, we have been looking at celebrating differences. We learnt all about a young boy living with Cystic Fibrosis and the challenges he faces during his day to day life. We were very surprised to find out that we had lots of things in common with him such as being in year 3, liking pizza and playing sports.


We have been focussing on improving our mental maths and basic calculation skills since coming back to school. Homework for this weekend is a recap of the work we have done with column addition. Spellings for this week are a recap of some of our homophones. Remember to use a range of strategies when practising your spellings such as pyramid writing, drawing a picture, putting the word into a sentence, drawing around the word and look, cover, write, check. A reminder that homework is due in on Wednesday and reading records should be signed on a daily basis.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team

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