S’now fun in the cold without a hat.

Friday 2nd March | 1 comment

It has been a fun but stop-start week in Year 3 for obvious reasons. The week started normally with plenty of work on fractions in Maths and investigations into mysteries in Literacy. However, even the best laid plans may change at the last minute. Thursday was particularly disrupted by the weather so the children spent the first part of the morning improving their mental maths skills in preparation for World Maths Day. After a very cold but fun playtime (where only brave or foolish teachers ventured onto the snowballing field) we held a fictional character competition. The children had to show their knowledge of book characters beginning with all the letters of the alphabet. It was superb to discover and share the range of books that our children read. In the afternoon, we planned and started to write a 500-word story using Chris Evans’ Radio 2 competition as a guide. Even though the official competition has finished, we will judge all entries presented to us by Wednesday 14th March, with winners receiving a prize and a mention on the blog. Even if your child could not attend school during the snow  we would love them to enter a story.

Special mentions this week go to Gabriella and Joven for being great learners and Amba and Charlie for being happy (and great snowballers).

Have a great and safe weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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  1. Kirsty (Charlie’s mum) says:

    Well done on continuing to learn in the snow hope the teachers have recovered from the snow balls!

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