Savage Stone Age

Saturday 19th October | 2 comments

On Thursday, Year 3 was taken over by cavemen and cave girls. There were some fantastic costumes and we had a brilliant time completing a range of activities to finish our learning about the Stone Age.

In the morning, the children took it in turns to make clay pots, cook biscuits and create paper tools and weapons. The children listened carefully and it has been said that the clay pots were some of the best from the past few years.

In the afternoon, the children created a Stone Age dance using a range of techniques. The children particularly impressed us with their imaginative ideas and ability to work well as a group. The children also needed some excellent collaboration skills when building the Stone Henge (made from biscuits of course!). The children then completed a scavenger hunt looking for Stone Age items hidden across the school grounds. They worked well during this and there were 2 winning teams (one from each class).

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and we were impressed with the children’s behaviour. We have also had a busy week of learning. We’ve continued with our topic of addition and subtraction in Maths. In English, we worked in groups to retell the story of “Stone Age boy”.

There were no special mentions this week due to Harvest Festival.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Chambers and Miss Ellis

2 responses to “Savage Stone Age”

  1. Sally twins mum says:

    Harry and Arthur both enjoyed the treasure hunt n

  2. Christine says:

    I loved seeing all the creative and unique outfits the kids came in on Thurs morning. They were all so excited in the playground and Isla had a really fun day!!

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