Roman Day!

Friday 9th July | 1 comment

The children have had a fantastic day taking part in lots of Roman themed activities today. Thank you ever so much for your efforts with costumes; the children looked brilliant!

Who did the Romans worship?

The children spent part of their day learning about the different Roman gods and goddesses today with Miss Ellis. We looked at their weapons and powers and discussed our favourites. The children then went on to create some of their own Roman gods/goddesses and had some fantastic, imaginative ideas…

Polisites – God of Birds

Juni – Goddess of Plants

Lunder – God of the Moon

Zan – God of Mischief and Evil

Laticus – God of the Skies

Astronima – God of the Universe

Oceana – Goddess of the Seas

Calamity – God of Things Going Wrong?

How did the Romans build roads?

Mrs Begum lead a session on Roman roads. The children looked at the difficulties Romans faced without roads, reasons why they created them and the process of creation. The children then made models to show the different layers that made up the roads and were able to explain why each layer was needed. The children did a fantastic job of reflecting on their models and suggested improvements.

What did Roman mosaics look like?

Mrs Wylie’s art workshop was a big hit today. The children spent some time looking at different Roman mosaics and the geometrical and symmetrical patterns used. Once experts, they went on to create some of their own mosaics using paint.

What did the Romans eat?

The children spent a session with Mr Catto and Miss Carter making their very own Roman honey biscuits. They did a fantastic job of weighing ingredients, using the hob and of course… washing up!

How did the Romans fight?

This afternoon, 3B took on 3E in a giant Roman battle. Our soldiers marched in unison shouting sin, dex (left, right) as they went. Their well formed testudo and wedge came in handy as Miss Ellis and Mrs Begum tried to attack!

This weekend sees the launch of the summer reading challenge. Libraries will be launching this on Saturday 10th July. This year, they are partnering with WWF for Wild World Heroes, a nature-themed Challenge that will inspire children to engage with environmental issues. This fits perfectly with the ethos of our school and would be great if you can encourage your child to join in. You can join online using the following website where there is the opportunity to earn rewards.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 3 Team

One response to “Roman Day!”

  1. K Cave says:

    Wow! It looks like you all had a great day. I love all your costumes. Did I spot homemade Roman armour on one of 3B?

    Some of those mosaics look beautifully intricate.

    Mrs Cave

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