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We have delved deeper into the story of Varjak Paw this week and have learnt lots more about the Mesopotamian Blue kitten. We retrieved a range of information about him from the text then made inferences about his personality using the clues given to us. With this in mind, we then went on to write descriptive phrases about Varjak Paw, using a range of adjectives, alliteration and similes. We then put our ideas together to create a concrete poem in the shape of a cat. Some children even challenged themselves to draw their own cat outline! Here are some examples of our work…


In maths, we have started our work on time. To ensure there are no gaps in the children’s learning, we went back to the basics of half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have looked at a range of analogue and digital clocks to help us with this. Next week, we will be looking at telling the time accurately to the nearest minute. Please encourage your child to have a go at reading the time on both digital and analogue clocks where possible.


The children are thoroughly enjoying our PE modules this half term. This week, we put our new found skills to the test in a game of quick cricket. The children impressed our coach with their quick reactions out in the field and their accurate passing. In athletics, we looked at examples of throwing events. We had a go at throwing javelins and worked on improving our personal best each time. We then put our muscles to the test with the shot put – they were so heavy! There were some very impressive, accurate throws amongst the children. Maybe we could join Team GB in the next Olympic games?


We have been learning about another Celtic warrior this week called Cartimandua. She lived in what is now known as Yorkshire! Unlike Boudicca, she betrayed her tribes to work with the Romans and earn money. The children did a brilliant job of acting out what it would have been like if Boudicca met face to face with her.

We have taken part in lots of walking and running this week to contribute to the Farsley Farfield Mountain Challenge. The children have already inputted their distances covered at school and therefore do not need to be done at home. Please try to head out on a walk this weekend to help us reach our target!


The Year 3 Team

Well done to all the children for showing great resilience and determination to succeed during our assessments this week! Enjoy a well-deserved, restful weekend!

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