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Friday 3rd May | 1 comment

3B were lucky enough this week to take part in a survey in to wildlife habitats around our school. This was run by a lovely lady called Jo from the RSPB. She talked to us about the types of animals we could find and the places that we might find them. The children worked in small groups and had a map of the school grounds, a list of habitats and stickers to mark where the habitats were on the map. The children spent around 40 minutes searching for compost heaps, bird boxes, piles of wood, hedges and other such areas and had a great time. A few habitats on the list were surprisingly missing but don’t worry, Year 3 are on the case.

Next week, the classes will be moving on to time in Maths. We will look at years, months, weeks, hours and minutes over the course of the next few weeks. We will also include roman numerals and the various ways we can express the time. If your child has a watch or clock with hands, see if they can tell you the time to the nearest minute. If it is digital, then can convert it and tell you the time using past and to the hour?

In 3M, Mr Winfield will be running an informal welcome meeting on Thursday to get to know parents and to discuss the remainder of the summer term with them. He will also be arranging some one-to-one meetings with parents after this and he is looking forward to getting to know you.

Thank you for keeping the cloakroom free in a morning. We appreciate that parents sometimes need to speak to us and so we will try to dodge and weave our way past the eager children and make our way up to the playground, so the doorway is clear, where we will spend some time each morning and evening. Hopefully, this will ease the congestion.

A reminder that next week, the classes visit Harlow Carr. 3M visit on Tuesday and 3B on Thursday. As I write this, the weather forecast for Tuesday in fine but Thursday has some showers. Fingers crossed that it is 50% accurate.

We have had quite a few parents who are able to join and support their child’s class for the trip. Thank you all for your assistance. Unfortunately, we cannot transport any parents but several volunteers have said that they are driving. We will endeavour to join up car-less parents with those who have one if anyone is stuck but, as 3M are going on the first day back, if you are in contact socially then feel free to make your own arrangements. Also, if anyone finds themselves available for a trip (either 3M or 3B) then please email nic.beevers@farsleyfarfield.org.uk and you will be added to the list of attendees.

Special mentions this week go to Yahya, Jeevan, Holly and Junior. All four children have had a fantastic week.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield

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  1. The Sullivans says:

    I am driving Daniel, Nells and Komals Mums/dads. I have 2 more spaces if needed. I am meeting in junior reception. X

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