Light and Dark

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This week in Year 3, we have been planning our very own traditional tale. Everyone has created their own good and bad character to write a story about. We have lots of princesses, witches, dragons, kings, unicorns, pirates and interestingly a heroic hedgehog called Hedgey. We can’t wait to find out what all these characters get up to next week when Year 3 write their stories!

In maths this week we are carrying on with multiplication and division. Year 3 are learning how to represent word problems differently. Whether that be a picture representation, a bar model or repeated addition. We do this to help the children visualise the word problem so they can then choose the correct operation to calculate correctly.

Year 3 are enjoying learning their 3 and 4 times tables through song and dance on the Super Movers BBC website. Cyril the Swan and Professor Pipette help us dance our way to become a times table hero. Copy and Paste the link below to join in with the fun!

When we are all danced out, we also like to sing along to our 3 times table song below:

In science this week 3M enjoyed conducting an experiment to find out what we need to be able to see things. Children had a great time during this science lesson looking at the effect of light and dark on our sight. Children were provided with a box with a peep-hole in the side and a lid. Working in small groups, they took it in turns to choose an item and place it in the box whilst one child in the group closed their eyes and turned away. The child who had their eyes closed then looked through the peep-hole to try and find out which object had been placed in there. Children also had time in a black-out tent to see the importance of light.

Special mentions go to Noah, Hibah, Billy and Isabelle this week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Beevers & Miss Micklethwaite

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