Investigations this week.

Friday 26th January | 7 comments

There has been plenty of science and investigating this week in Year 3.

On Monday the children started an experiment about mummification. First they learned how ancient Egyptians prepared and mummified bodies and the reasons they had for doing this. They then watched their teacher demonstrate how to start to mummify a fish by covering in salt. The theory behind using salt was discussed and alternatives that could be used were suggested. Then, working in groups, the children started the process of mummification of tomatoes. They also made observations and predictions of what the results would be. The fish and tomatoes are currently sitting on the windowsill in 3B (although the fish is now also in a plastic bag for obvious reasons!) Hopefully, in a couple of weeks we shall see the results.


The Science topic of forces has moved on to gravity and air pressure. The children were amazed when they saw that it was possible for a bowling ball and a feather fall at the same speed.

This is the video the children watched:

From this, we had a theory that the best way to survive a jump from an aeroplane was to use a parachute. Putting this into practice, we all made paper parachutes and experimented by dropping plastic men with and without one, observing which hit the ground first. Happily, no plastic men were harmed and the theory was proved correct. Photos are attached of the stages of the construction and experimentation.

It was great to see so many Year 3 children taking part in the cross country this lunch time. This event is held every Friday and, although the field is muddy at the moment, it is still great fun. A picture of this week’s participants is below.


Special mentions this week go to Jakob and Fatimah for great learning, Abigail, Olivia, Rebecca and Ella for being the best they could be and Florence and Craig for being good citizens.

7 responses to “Investigations this week.”

  1. Sam (Charlie’s dad) says:

    We loved the video, and are very interested to see what happens to the tomatoes!

  2. Katy (Stans mum) says:

    Stan has told us all about his predictions for the mummified tomatoes. We are looking forward to hearing all about the results in a few weeks.

  3. STEPHEN WARD says:

    Excellent experiments!

  4. Melanie says:

    Wow what a busy week. Sonny has found the mummifying very interesting! Along with the topic of Egyptians.

  5. Sheila Singh (Ashwin mum) says:

    Ashwin has enjoyed his homework about Egypt. He has learnt lots of facts and found it very interesting. He is enjoying his daily run every week. He has enjoyed playing with his parachute at home.

  6. Karen Chaudhari (Nathan's Mum) says:

    Great week. Good luck with the mummified fish 3B!!

    Nathan’s parachute is being put to great use…flying Star Wars lego figures down the stairs 🙂

  7. Peter Harris says:

    This looks like good interesting fun in Year 3. Maybe some parachutes could be carefully tested off the treehouse? If you do, make sure that you stand behind the horizontal safety bars as you drop them.

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