I want my mummy!

Thursday 28th March | No comments yet

On Thursday, Year 3 visited the Leeds City Museum as a finale to our Egyptian topic. The exhibition is superb and the children were able to relate their learning in school to the items on display. However, the museum has more than Egyptians and the children spent a couple of hours exploring Life on Earth, Asian culture, the history of Leeds and the works of Michael Morpurgo.

What did the children learn? Plenty. All the children could give an example of something new they had seen or experienced. They loved the interactive displays, the exhibits and the wigs.

What did the teachers learn? Never give ten school iPads to two classes and ask them to take photos of things of interest and their friends unless you want 400-500 pictures to sort through. A (brief) selection of photos are below.



3B’s sunflowers have now been planted outside the classroom by a couple of “willing” volunteers. The weather is forecast to be fine for the next few days, although there may be a frost. Hopefully, they will survive and start to shoot up soon.


Special mentions this week go to Oliver, Zayn, Florence and Matilda. Well done for a great week and term.

Special, special mentions also go to the mums of Noah, Komal, Abigail, Amreece, Emily, Haris and the dads of Amrit and L.J. for helping out on our trip. Your help was very much appreciated.

Our next trip is to Harlow Carr. 3M are visiting on the 7th May, 3B on the 9th May and volunteers are required for both days. Unfortunately, as we are travelling by school mini bus we won’t have room for any adults but if you are able to provide your own transport then you will be able to accompany us without paying for entry.

Have a safe and relaxing break and see you all in a couple of weeks.

Mr Beevers and Miss Burland

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