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Friday 13th September | 6 comments

In English, we have been working on using a range of adjectives and adverbs to build up a description. We particularly enjoyed incorporating musical instruments into our lessons, using them to add a touch of magic as we read out our powerful sentences about some magical seeds.

In Maths, we continued our work on place value and partitioning numbers. This week’s homework is a sheet with questions all about numbers to 1000.

We have had a fantastic Friday using the Chromebooks and laptops to practise our spellings and times tables. We then began learning a fun song in Music – we can’t wait to start adding musical instruments into our performance!

We were pleased to reach 75%+ in our Extreme Learning challenge this week. Please remember to bring your reading records to help us improve our score. We hope to reach at least 85% next week.

This week’s special mentions went to Aoife, Detroit, Zane and Liam. Well done!

6 responses to “Creative minds”

  1. Christine says:

    Isla W has also really enjoyed coming back to school, seeing all her friends and using the musical instruments and Chromebooks!

  2. Afsana khan says:

    Arwa has settled in really well, she enjoying year 3 which always good to hear.

  3. Amrit says:

    What a fantastic start to the year. Sophia hasn’t stopped talking about what she has been learning every day! And her confidence has grown too. Looking forward to see how she grows. This year feels like a year of personal growth and independence.

    • katychambers18 says:

      This is lovely to hear! I’m glad Sophia is enjoying Year 3. She is a pleasure to have in class.

  4. Netti Cairns says:

    Molly has had a great week at school and is loving year 3 so far! Thank you

    • katychambers18 says:

      My pleasure! I’m glad Molly is enjoying Year 3. She’s been fantastic in class.

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