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We have had a wonderful first week back in school and it has been particularly lovely to welcome back Mr Beevers. The children have worked incredibly hard on all of our new topics and have produced some excellent pieces of work.


In English, we have been reading our new text ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. The story follows two young children, Tranio and Livia, as they escape from their home during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We have been focussing on developing our range of vocabulary then using this correctly in our writing. Here are some examples of our descriptive sentences…

In the distance, you could see smoke billowing from the mountain. – Tallulah

You could hear the roar of mighty Mount Vesuvius. – Hasan

Destructive streams of molten liquid ran down the sides of the volcano and completely obliterated Pompeii. – Kieran

The sound of the perilous and wild lightning filled the citizens’ ears. – Kiran

The sea bolted to the shore and balls of flames shot out of nowhere. – Annie.P

Lightning flashed and thunder roared as silver ash rose to the heavens. – Shailen


We have been continuing our work on fractions, focussing on unit and non-unit fractions. We have spent time finding fractions of amounts and shapes practically then applied this learning to solving different problems. Recent assessments highlighted the four operations as an area of weakness in Year 3. Consequently, we have been working on improving our mental maths skills and discussing the different strategies we could use to answer addition and subtraction classes including mental partitioning of the numbers where no exchange is needed and a formal column method when the calculation includes an exchange. Please encourage your child to make use of Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars at home to support the recall of key facts.


We thoroughly enjoyed our new modules in PE this week. In athletics, we looked at improving our running technique and had some excellent short distance races alongside a longer cross country run. Our skills were really put to the test when we met our new dance coach! Each class will spend the half term learning and choreographing a street dance routine. The focus for our PSHE lesson this week was around the value of money. The children were able to give some excellent reasons for and against which new pair of trainers they would/wouldn’t buy, explaining whether they thought they were good value for money.

Homework for this weekend follows on from our work on unit and non-unit fractions. A weekly spelling list with verbs ending in the suffix -ed has also been sent home for learning.

I hope you all manage to enjoy the spring sunshine over the weekend.

Miss Ellis & The Year 3 Team

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