Another fantastic week in Year 3!

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This week in English we have been looking at newspaper reports and the features within them. Following on from our work on Pompeii, we planned newspaper reports about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We answered key questions such as who? what? when? where? and how? We used the chromebooks to type up our writing and format them to look just like newspapers. Mr Harris is very impressed with them and we hope you are too!


We have now gone back to the multiplication objectives that were covered during lockdown. This week we focussed on multiplying two digit numbers by 1-digit using a range of methods including column method, place value counters and the grid method. After securing this knowledge, some children moved on to a range of very challenging problems including missing digit multiplication questions! Homework for this weekend focuses on recapping the column method – remember to show your exchanges!

These methods show the calculation 25 x 4


Myself and Mrs Begum became seeds this week in our Science lesson. We were very stubborn and didn’t want to leave our parent plant! Fortunately, the children were able to teach us all about the importance of seed dispersal! The children in 3E then spent the rest of the science lesson potting trees, ready for them to be planted out later in the year.

Photos taken by Mikael…

Here come the Romans…

The Romans finally arrived in Britain!! We had to quickly learn about the different armour the soldiers wore and then went on to design some of our own shields. We look forward to making them over the next few weeks.

Thank you to all of the children for their brilliant work this week!

Eid Mubarak to those who have been at home – we cannot wait to hear about your celebrations next week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Ellis & The Year 3 Team

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