Another busy week in Year 3

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We’ve had a great TIME in maths this week! We have been recapping the five minute intervals of clocks and have had a go at telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. The children are all very confident at reading the clock for times involving o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to but further work is needed on the other intervals. Any work you could do at home to support this would be very beneficial!


In English, we have been exploring how S.F Said builds up tension and suspense throughout Varjak Paw. We looked at using a range of high quality verbs and adverbs to show clearly the movements of Varjak. The children were then challenged to write sentences describing how they thought Varjak would move and did a brilliant job of acting these out! We then looked at the specific language techniques he uses to build up suspense and had a go at writing a paragraph with a partner.


We have been learning all about magnets in science this week. We carried out an investigation to see which objects around the classroom are magnetic. We were surprised to see the paperclips jump up from the table when we hovered a magnet above them! We tested lots of different objects and recorded them in a table. We also looked at a story about a boy, who was also learning about magnets at school, who stole a magnet. The magnet in his pocket then began to attract lots of items and he ended up walking around with a trail of things behind him that had stuck to each other. We made predictions about whether this would actually happen and will test our theories next week.


In our PSHE lessons this week, we have been discussing what makes us healthy. We received a letter from a young boy asking for advice on how to keep active and improve his running. We had some excellent class discussions and the children each responded to the boy, telling him how to stay fit and healthy at school.

Roman Day

As a result of one of our classes isolating, we have decided to postpone our Roman day. Roman day will now take place on Friday 9th June giving you an extra week to source your costumes!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 Team

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