A fabulous first week in Year 3!

Friday 10th September | 5 comments

The children have had a fabulous start to the year, showing an excellent attitude towards their learning and following our school rules. We have been so impressed by how well they have settled into their new routines!


This week, we have been looking at different word classifications and listing some of our own. The children then had lots of fun using these to write silly sentences. Have you ever seen a blue giraffe baking quietly before? In guided reading, the children were reintroduced to Predicting Pip and Inference Iggy and used these skills to discuss our new class text, ‘Stone Age Boy’. We are all looking forward to reading the story next week.


The children have made an excellent start to our work on Place Value. They can confidently count in 10’s and 100’s and continue a number track counting in 100’s. It has been wonderful to see the children sat back in their learning hives and working collaboratively with their partners to make 3-digit numbers using base 10. Today, we have looked at using part-whole models to partition numbers.


We welcomed the Leeds Rhinos coaches back to school this week and look forward to them running some PE sessions throughout the rest of the half term. The children really enjoyed developing their awareness of space as they dodged the knights and stole the golden coins from the castle. During the other half of the session, the children worked on their speed, agility and quickness through a range of different team activities.


We have begun our work as rock detectives as part of our new Science topic, Rocks and Soils. We had a lot of fun looking at and comparing different rocks such as: marble, granite, sandstone and chalk. The children completed a detailed observational drawing of these and listed key words to describe them.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 21st October – Stone Age Day

A letter with further details of this will be sent out next week alongside a yearly overview of our school trips and costings.

The children have not been given homework this weekend however we do expect them to continue reading at home. All children should have brought home a new home reading book.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Ellis & Mrs Begum

5 responses to “A fabulous first week in Year 3!”

  1. Rachel harding says:

    Looks fun studying all the Rocks!

  2. Nicola leeming says:

    Lee didn’t like having his photo taken can see in second pic was nice to see him in photos tho, maybe stick to catching him off guard.

  3. Helen Sharman says:

    A great first week, thank you so much.

  4. Sheila singh (vanshikas mum) says:

    What a busy week back.
    Vanshika has been excited to be back in school, she enjoyed doing P.E this week and meeting her new teachers.

  5. Jade Thomson says:

    What a great first week back. Nice to see some normality!

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