A busy week in Year 3

Friday 15th November | No comments yet

This week has been another busy week in Year 3.

In Literacy, we have continued learning about the “True Story of the Three Little Pigs”. The children learnt how to use speech marks and we had a debate about whether we believed the wolf or the pigs. There were some fantastic arguments and the children explained their points well.

The children continue to enjoy PE. 3C have started to get to grips with the rules of Tchoukball. It is very different to anything we have done before! Miss Ellis was extremely impressed with her dancers and they are growing in confidence each week.

We continued learning about “light” this week in Science. The classes enjoyed conducting an investigation exploring where light comes from and why we need it. Two children had sparkly dresses on for Children in Need and this lead to a fantastic discussion about reflection and materials.

We thoroughly enjoyed Children in Need. There were some fantastic ideas for costumes! A lot of the children seemed to be exhausted… We also had the opportunity to read to Nursery. The classes really enjoyed this and were fantastic ambassadors and role models. This is hopefully something we can repeat later in the year

Maths homework and Learning Log were sent home today.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Chambers, Miss Ellis and the Year 3 team.

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