DT and chocolate

Friday 5th July | 4 comments

Both classes have been working hard to complete their pencil cases this week. 3B are still adding zips and decorations but 3M have completed their projects. As you can see, the results are superb.

In English lessons this week, the children have finished their persuasion topic. Their virtually impossible task was to convince Mr Harris that they should be allowed chocolate in school. Letters have been written and will be delivered next week. There have been some very convincing examples and preparations are well underway for the installation of vending machines along the corridor!

The active travel to school raffle tickets have paid off immediately for Year 3. Winners this week of the £10 voucher included Florence and Abigail. Walking, scootering or cycling to school count and even parking further away than normal and walking the last part will earn a ticket. Cycling is a brilliant exercise and sport. Perhaps in a few years the Tour de France (starting this weekend) will have a Farfield child competing.

This week’s special mentions go to Lottie, Joe, Oliver and Komal. Well done for a superb week!

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield

4 responses to “DT and chocolate”

  1. Rebecca Dobson says:

    Tilli has really enjoyed this project. Something for us to finish at home together now she is better 🙂 They all look fantastic!

  2. Miss Dobson says:

    Wow year 3! It looks like those sewing skills have come on massively since we created your penguins and polar bears when you were in year 2. Well done everyone. What a fantastic project this is!

  3. Amanda Smith says:

    Fabulous pencil cases 3M!

  4. The Sullivans says:

    Absolutely love all the pencil cases! I have heard about nothing else for weeks. Lots of hard work gone into them!!!

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