Poppies and pirates

Friday 9th November | 2 comments

As this Sunday is Remembrance Day, Year 3 children have focused on some of the events of the First World War and the significance of the 11th November.

3B followed their learning about the war by thinking about the fallen soldiers whilst they coloured poppies for a display. During the short period that they did this, it was very peaceful and reflective in class as the children understood the meaning behind the symbol.

As a result of the the discussions we had, Isabelle found out and told the class about family members who had been involved in World War 2. Her talk, and pictures we found of a ship involved, helped the children to understand the personal nature of war.


3M spent time learning a song called ‘Wave Goodbye’ that remembers the wars and the soldiers who died during them. We spoke about the lyrics as a class and discussed how the men felt when waving goodbye to their loved ones before they went to war. A video will be uploaded showing the class’ performance of the song next week.

In English, our work has been based on the book, Pirate Cruncher. The children all created their own pirate character, describing his or her appearance and the job that they do on board their pirate ship. They then wrote a short pirate themed poem, making sure it rhymed. There were plenty of wooden legs, eye patches and parrots around plus the odd pirate joke. (Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaaarrrrrrrrr.)

Special mentions this week go to Isabel and Ibraheem for great work, attitude and effort. Well done!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite.

2 responses to “Poppies and pirates”

  1. Ruby says:

    Jeevan has loved the times table club .

  2. Daniel's Mum says:

    It’s great to see all the remembrance work everyone has done, well done. Daniel has really enjoyed working on his pirate this week too.

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