Stone Age investigations

09/10/2020 at 17:56

The fine weather appeared briefly this week, uncharacteristically on Wednesday. This meant that the children were able to enjoy all of their PE lesson outside. The first part of the lesson is the SAQ segment, training for speed, agility and quickness. This involves a variety of running, jumping, throwing and catching activities that will be rotated over the next few months.

The children are developing their skills in the modules they are taking part in, with the tchoukball group especially impressing with the improvement in their teamworking.

In History, the children were archeologists for an afternoon, investigating a range of Stone Age artefacts to determine what they were and what they were made from. They then predicted who would have used them and the period they came from, using their recently acquired knowledge. The children loved the fact that they could see and feel the objects, then talk to their partner about what they thought, instead of just being told about them.

Next week, the children will be investigating stones and rocks around Farsley for signs of erosion. They will be talking the short walk down to the church to look at the building, the grave stones, plus the stone walls along the way.

Just a reminder that the children will be back on the school field after next week and so the wearing of wellies is strongly advised, along with a pair of indoor shoes.

Special mentions this week go to Seb, Kiran, Rosalind and Ben. Well done!

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Ellis

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