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What a fantastic start to the spring term we have had! Everyone has been working really hard this week and there have been vast improvements in the quality of work the children have produced.

This week, we began our new history topic ‘What was life like in Ancient Egypt?’ We were so excited to find out that the director of The British Museum in London has asked for our help in creating a new exhibition. We are looking forward to carrying out lots of enquiries to help him with his research. We have started to look at how long ago Ancient Egypt was and placed it on a timeline. We then used a website called Padlet to create a collaboration board with all the questions we want to find out during the topic. Can you answer any of them?

Within our English lessons, we have been looking at ‘The Golden Goose’ – a playscript set in Ancient Egypt. We discussed how playscripts differ to stories and listed their different features. After reading the first few scenes, we then had a go at acting one out. We then looked in more detail at stage directions and added our own to a scene from the play.

In Science, we started our work on magnets and forces with an investigation to find out what objects in the classroom were magnetic. We were surprised to see the paperclips jump up from the table when we hovered a magnet above them! We tested lots of different objects and recorded them in a table. We also looked at a story about a boy, who was also learning about magnets at school, who stole a magnet. The magnet in his pocket then began to attract lots of items and he ended up walking around with a trail of things behind him that had stuck to each other. We made predictions about whether this would actually happen and will test our theories next week.

COMPETITION TIME! It is expected that children in Year 3 can recall their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x table – we have done lots of work on these in class! However, as we need to gain speed with the recall our our times table facts, a competition has been set up between 3E and 3C to see which class can earn the most points on Times Table Rockstars. Homework this week is to earn as many points as you can and improve your recall speed.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Ellis and Miss Chambers

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