Easter fun

Thursday 18th April | No comments yet

Welcome back after the holiday.

Even though it has been a shorter week, it has been just as busy as normal. 3M met Mr Winfield on Monday and had a very good “get to know you” session. In the afternoon, the classes started their new science topic on Plants. We all had a walk around the school grounds looking at the springtime changes and collected leaves as we went. The children then observed and drew their leaf, adding labels to identify the various parts and features. On Thursday, the children learned all about the functions and types of roots. After watching a short video, they went outside and dug up several plant and weeds to see which root system, tap or fibrous, they had.


Thursday also saw the highlight of the week.The children took part in an Easter egg hunt in the school grounds. However instead of searching for eggs, the children had to find written questions with the help of a map. They then had to use their RE and general knowledge to answer the questions. Each answer gave them a letter and rearranging the letters then led to an Easter related phrase. Finally, for all their efforts, the children were suitably rewarded with a couple of chocolate mini eggs and some grapes. The children had great fun charging around (literally) for half an hour then solving the anagram at the end.

Next week in English, the children will be using the class novel, Varjak Paw, to start to plan and write their own suspense story. In Maths, we will continue to look at fractions.

Just a reminder that the online learning tools we use, TTRockStars, Spelling Shed and Mathletics, can be recorded in the Reading Record Books and count towards our extreme learning total at the end of the week. We have seen a clear link between regular use of these sites, TTRockStars and Spelling Shed in particular, and improvments of knowledge in these vital areas.

Have a lovely and peaceful Easter weekend and see you all on Tuesday.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield.

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