RE in year 3

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Over the course Spring term, Year 3 learned about about “Who can inspire us?” They found out about people who lead us and decided what the qualities of a good leader are. They then looked at religious leaders – Jesus, Muhammad and Moses – and, through stories, they discovered many of these qualities in these people. Finally, they looked at inspirational people in their own lives.

This term they have covered two units. “How can we express our beliefs in art?” They looked at how some religions don’t draw images of people and why. They tried calligraphy and geometric art and explored why people might choose to use art/symbols instead of words.

In the unit “What do Christians believe about leading a good life?” the children found out what the Bible is, looked at the Ten Commandments, the feeding of the five thousand and the story of Noah.

They also studied the stories of the Prodigal Son, Zacchaeus and the Good Samaritan. They then chose one to make a poster/comic to explain its importance to Christians.

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