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The warm sunny weather this week has been ideal for tennis and the PE group going to Rawdon Tennis Club made sure that their last session was the best of the half term. Over the past few weeks, the children have learned the basic skills and rules needed to play the game. They started by bouncing a ball to one another, replicating a rally. This progressed to using a net between the two players, developing it into a competition. Racquet skills were also practised, such as balancing of the ball, hitting the ball into the air and hitting over a net. The children have improved tremendously and have all enjoyed the experience.


The children spent the final afternoon of the half term sharing and enjoying learning log films of Varjak Paw adventures, plus a small treat of popcorn. Some of the videos involved the story being read out, some had actions with narration and some were acted out. All the films were a delight to watch and were greeted with applause. We had many other wonderful stories and these will be read or acted out after half term.


It was pure darkness in the alley and the bins were cracked and leaking out water. Varjak was soaked after the heavy rain and the drain pipe was clogged and overflowing. Varjak’s whiskers twitched. He felt a warm breeze or was it a breath? Varjak’s spine tingled with fear.



When the figure came into view, Varjak recognised its stripy, pattered coat somewhere but he couldn’t remember where. He was positive that he’d seen it before, but still, it didn’t come to him. Varjak asked himself, “Should I run?”



There is no learning log work set over the holiday but a book review will be the next task so your child may want to start reading a book that is of interest to them so that they can complete the task.

Special mentions this week go to Junior, Isaac, Noah, Lucas and Joshua. Well done boys!

Have a great holiday.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield

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