Easter fun

18/04/2019 at 17:52


Welcome back after the holiday.

Even though it has been a shorter week, it has been just as busy as normal. 3M met Mr Winfield on Monday and had a very good “get to know you” session. In the afternoon, the classes started their new science topic on Plants. We all had a walk around the school grounds looking at the springtime changes and collected leaves as we went. The children then observed and drew their leaf, adding labels to identify the various parts and features. On Thursday, the children learned all about the functions and types of roots. After watching a short video, they went outside and dug up several plant and weeds to see which root system, tap or fibrous, they had.


Thursday also saw the highlight of the week.The children took part in an Easter egg hunt in the school grounds. However instead of searching for eggs, the children had to find written questions with the help of a map. They then had to use their RE and general knowledge to answer the questions. Each answer gave them a letter and rearranging the letters then led to an Easter related phrase. Finally, for all their efforts, the children were suitably rewarded with a couple of chocolate mini eggs and some grapes. The children had great fun charging around (literally) for half an hour then solving the anagram at the end.

Next week in English, the children will be using the class novel, Varjak Paw, to start to plan and write their own suspense story. In Maths, we will continue to look at fractions.

Just a reminder that the online learning tools we use, TTRockStars, Spelling Shed and Mathletics, can be recorded in the Reading Record Books and count towards our extreme learning total at the end of the week. We have seen a clear link between regular use of these sites, TTRockStars and Spelling Shed in particular, and improvments of knowledge in these vital areas.

Have a lovely and peaceful Easter weekend and see you all on Tuesday.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield.

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I want my mummy!

28/03/2019 at 20:00


On Thursday, Year 3 visited the Leeds City Museum as a finale to our Egyptian topic. The exhibition is superb and the children were able to relate their learning in school to the items on display. However, the museum has more than Egyptians and the children spent a couple of hours exploring Life on Earth, Asian culture, the history of Leeds and the works of Michael Morpurgo.

What did the children learn? Plenty. All the children could give an example of something new they had seen or experienced. They loved the interactive displays, the exhibits and the wigs.

What did the teachers learn? Never give ten school iPads to two classes and ask them to take photos of things of interest and their friends unless you want 400-500 pictures to sort through. A (brief) selection of photos are below.



3B’s sunflowers have now been planted outside the classroom by a couple of “willing” volunteers. The weather is forecast to be fine for the next few days, although there may be a frost. Hopefully, they will survive and start to shoot up soon.


Special mentions this week go to Oliver, Zayn, Florence and Matilda. Well done for a great week and term.

Special, special mentions also go to the mums of Noah, Komal, Abigail, Amreece, Emily, Haris and the dads of Amrit and L.J. for helping out on our trip. Your help was very much appreciated.

Our next trip is to Harlow Carr. 3M are visiting on the 7th May, 3B on the 9th May and volunteers are required for both days. Unfortunately, as we are travelling by school mini bus we won’t have room for any adults but if you are able to provide your own transport then you will be able to accompany us without paying for entry.

Have a safe and relaxing break and see you all in a couple of weeks.

Mr Beevers and Miss Burland

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Where would you like to go on holiday?

22/03/2019 at 19:01


English this week has seen the classes start their non-chronological report topic. The children have been researching various countries with differing climates. Web sites used include www.natgeokids.com. This is a great site full of child friendly information on a range topics. A more geography focused site, www.kids-world-travel-guide.com, has also been a good resource to use. The children have written their report in the style of a national tourist information brochure that is trying to persuade people to visit their country. The groups have done such a good job that they have nearly convinced me to overcome my phobia and get on a plane to visit their country (but not quite).

Due to the tropical climate in 3B’s classroom, our sunflowers have exploded into life and the children have had to re-pot them as they have outgrown their seed trays. We will be keeping an eye on the weather over the next week and hardening them off during the day if possible, with a view to planting them outside when night frosts have passed.

In PE, the netball group have been practicing their passing and awareness skills. The drill shown below is a good demonstration of the children working as a team to keep the three balls moving around the group.


A reminder that next week is packed with parents evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday and our trip to the Leeds City Museum on Thursday. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to accompany us. Your help is much appreciated.

Special mentions this week go to Jack,Noah, Lottie and Rhys. Well done for a brilliant week.

Have a great weekend.
Mr Beevers and Miss Burland

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How many teachers does it take to change a light bulb?

15/03/2019 at 18:52


This week in English, the children have been writing their own mystery story. The story revolves around a harp and the children have used their imagination to decide what role the harp will play in the story. Has it been stolen, is it magical, is it haunted? If it has been stolen, who stole it? What clues did the thief leave? Mystery stories are not the easiest genre to write but the children have made a great effort at adding suspense and intrigue. Groups of children also wrote their stories using laptops. Some of the children chose to use Clicker 7, which helps by suggesting words, reading the story as they type and adding images, amongst other things. Other children used Word to record their ideas. The benefit of using a word processor is that editing of work is easier and neater. Right clicking on spelling mistakes wasn’t allowed though as using a dictionary is still a skill that needs to be practised.

It was lovely to see the children in red today and last week in their World Book Day costumes. In the spirit of Comic Relief, there was a joke competition in 3B. The children wrote their jokes down then told them to the class.

“Highlights” were:

What time do you go to the dentist? 2:30. (Haris)


What do you call a dinosaur with bananas in his ears? Anything you want, he can’t hear you. (Josh)


How do you get 100 Pikachus in a bus? Pokemon. (Kaleb)


A man goes into a shop and says, ” Can I have a loaf of bread and a ……………………………….pint of milk, please.” The shopkeeper says, “Why the big pause?” The bear says, “I’m a bear.”  (Mr Beevers)


What do you call it when a cat wins first prize in a dog show? A catastrophe. (Matilda)


Why did the man go to the dance with a toilet roll? He was a party pooper. (Alfie)


Why was the tractor magic? Because it drove down the lane and turned into a field. (Miss Saunders)


Why did the tomato blush? It saw the salad dressing. (Maddy)


and the winner is…


Why did the pig go to karate? He was a pork chop. (Joe)

Thank you, we’re here all week.


Special mentions go to Hamzah, Amrit, Simran and Hibah. Well done for a great week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Burland

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Daffodils yn y gwanwyn

01/03/2019 at 14:58


Noswaith dda,

This week, we have taken advantage of the glorious weather and the extensive school grounds as part of our science topic, Our Changing World. The children used their senses to search for signs of spring and new life. Unsurprisingly, there was plenty to discover, from buds and catkins on trees to flowering daffodils and  daisies on the ground. We saw spiders on leaves plus a few birds flying around, enjoying the sunny weather. Compare this to the same activity a year ago when the most exciting thing we saw was a flock of gulls eating worms on the sodden football field. The children will repeat this nature walk at the end of the half term to spot any differences and then again in the summer term.



In addition to our walk, the children in 3B also planted some sunflower seeds into pots. We drew diagrams of the seeds and measured them before planting. We will record our observations over the next few months in the same way and hopefully by the summer we will have some superb specimens. Each child put their name next to a seed and so the friendly competition has begun . The seed trays are now on the windowsill in the classroom but we hope to plant them out when we are sure of warm weather. Last years flowers gave us several thousand seeds so if anyone would like a few to grow at home, please just ask.



Due to us still in the process of reading all the 500 word stories, the learning log homework books have not been sent home. This week’s task is to try out Spelling Shed. This online game has been tried at school and the children seem to love it. Maths homework this week is to practice times tables, either online on TTRockstars or the old fashioned way, which will help our maths work of fractions next week.

Special mentions this week go to Maddy, Joe, Junior and Tilly. Well done for a brilliant week.

Have a great weekend.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Mr Beevers and Miss Burland

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Charts and poems.

15/02/2019 at 18:53


It hardly seems like two minutes since we started the term after Christmas but the children are now due a well earned break after all their hard work, this week being no exception.

In Maths, we collected data about favourite pets and entered it on to a tally chart. We used this information to produce both a bar chart and a pictogram. The children were then asked questions about the data and also thought of their own questions to ask their friends. We were impressed with the neatness of the work as well as the analysis of the charts, both of which were only possible by carefully following instructions.

English this week has focused on poetry, with the goal of writing our own poems. 3M experimented writing a free verse, whilst 3B followed a more structured pattern and wrote their own verse to fit into The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. Again, the quality of work was pleasing to see and both classes have created a display of the results.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, the learning log homework for over the holiday period is to write a 500 word story. The best ones will be entered into the Radio 2 500 word story competition but all the stories will be read out in class. More information, including competition rule, can be found at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1

According to the FAQ section on the website, the criteria for judging the stories are

  • originality
  • plot
  • characterisation
  • language
  • enjoyment.

It also states that the stories can be scribed by an adult as long as non of the words used are changed and that the stories are not marked on spellings.

Have fun writing your story and good luck!

Special mentions this week go to Alexis, Rayhan, Tyler, Imogen and Zahra. Well done for a super last week of the half term.

Have a very relaxing break and we look forward to seeing you all in a week.

Mr Beevers and Miss Burland.

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