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23/02/2018 at 19:27


It has been a busy week in Year 3, as always, but the children are raring to go after their break.

In Maths, the area this term we are focusing on is fractions. We have been looking at dividing shapes into segments, identifying the fractions and how these compare to other known fractions, such as halves and quarters. Next week, we will continue exploring this area practically to solve important problems such as; How can you split a donut into 8 equal parts by cutting it just 3 times. (Why would you though?)

The topic in Literacy for the next few weeks is Mystery Stories. This week we have looked at what makes a good mystery story by reading and watching some examples. Next week the children will start to plan their story, thinking about the characters, settings and plot. If the weather is too cold to enjoy the outdoors this weekend, then it may be a good time to dig out films such as The Great Mouse Detective, Young Sherlock Holmes or some classic Scooby-Doos for inspiration.

The learning logs were in this week. Finding out about climates in different places was the topic and once again we had some outstanding examples of research and plenty of beautiful pictures. All of the work produced was shared with the rest of the classes, with some notable examples being done by Sophie, Ashwin and Olivia.

Saint David, Wales and Welsh culture is the broad theme for the next learning log and we look forward to seeing the children’s work. Encourage your child to research an area that interests them and to be as creative as possible with their presentation.

Special mentions this week go to Sophie, Alex, Alexis and Madison which, are as always, richly deserved.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

P.S. We have been asked about the mummified fish by several parents. Photos will be available soon.

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Parachutes and Air Resistance

22/02/2018 at 15:45


Over the last 6 weeks in science, 3M have been learning all about different forces. They have learnt that a force applies either a push or a pull to an object. The children have also learnt about gravity and friction.

Whilst doing work on friction, the children learnt about a type of friction called air resistance which is the force that slows us down in the air. This week, the children were challenged to create a device that would safely allow an egg to be dropped from the top of the tree house without cracking…


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Egyptian Day

09/02/2018 at 16:28


Year 3 had a fantastic Egyptian Day this week! So many pupils made such an effort with their costumes so thank you to parents and carers that helped with that!

We started the day making our Tutankhamun inspired paper mache death masks. It was fair to say that the year 3 classrooms were very messy that morning!

Whilst children were making their death masks, groups of 15 children went with Mr Beevers and Mrs Sloan to cook up Cleopatra’s favourite sweet treat! Children mixed flour, water and fruit to make the dough. Then, sweet honey was drizzled over them after they had been baked.

In the afternoon, we learnt some great Egyptian facts. Did you know King Tutankhamun was only 10 years old when he became the ruler of Egypt!

To finish our day off, we learnt about Ancient Egyptian dance and discussed how they moved and why they liked to dance. Finally, the children had some fun and danced to ‘Walk like An Egyptian’ by the Bangles. After some pleading and begging, we also danced to Madness and Cotton Eyed Joe.

The children had such a fun day and so did the teachers!

We would also like to say a massive well done to Khushi, Isaac, Jacob and Gracie for their special mentions today in assembly. You all should be very proud of yourselves!

We hope everyone has a lovely week off and see you on Monday 19th February!

Mr Beevers & Miss Micklethwaite.


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African drumming in Year 3

08/02/2018 at 20:07


Year 3 have been learning how to play the African drums. We have created our own pieces, rehearsed and then recorded them. It takes a lot of concentration to play all together in a group: we tried to smile and play at the same time when recording our music – this was tricky. Lots of smiles, however, when we play our drumming games. Well done Year 3 – you have learned how to play the drums and read crotchets and quavers as well as improving your listening and cooperation skills.

Ms Howells

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What is the time?

02/02/2018 at 18:45


This week in Year 3, the children have been getting to grips with telling the time. To help them do this, they have all made clocks using paper plates and card. They then wrote on the various terms that we all use when describing the hours and minutes. Even though the children have worked hard on this it can still be confusing. Thirty-two minutes past three in the afternoon can be three-thirty-two, twenty-eight minutes to four, 3:32pm or 15:32. Finally, just to add to the confusion, clocks can also use roman numerals, which we have also looked at. Your assistance with homework this week, is as always, very appreciated so that any misunderstandings can be corrected.

The mummification experiment is still in progress and next week the children will discover how successful it has been. Also, next Thursday we will be holding a full day of ancient Egyptian themed work. The classes will discover and make Cleopatra’s favourite food, decorate death masks and learn an Egyptian dance, amongst other things. It would be great if your child could come dressed in costume for the day. An old, white bed sheet and a belt would be a simple way to recreate their dress. On the topic of ancient Egypt, the learning logs have been magnificent this week. The work looks brilliant and the effort is obvious. It is difficult to single anyone out, but Charlie and Aarav in 3M and Rovind, Gursimran and Arthur in 3B caught the eye of the class when they were shown today. Several more pieces have been copied and will be displayed to aid our learning.

Special mentions this week go to Lucy for being the best she can be, Grace for being healthy, Kieran for being a great learner and Oliver for being a good citizen.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Micklethwaite and Mr Beevers

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Investigations this week.

26/01/2018 at 15:58


There has been plenty of science and investigating this week in Year 3.

On Monday the children started an experiment about mummification. First they learned how ancient Egyptians prepared and mummified bodies and the reasons they had for doing this. They then watched their teacher demonstrate how to start to mummify a fish by covering in salt. The theory behind using salt was discussed and alternatives that could be used were suggested. Then, working in groups, the children started the process of mummification of tomatoes. They also made observations and predictions of what the results would be. The fish and tomatoes are currently sitting on the windowsill in 3B (although the fish is now also in a plastic bag for obvious reasons!) Hopefully, in a couple of weeks we shall see the results.


The Science topic of forces has moved on to gravity and air pressure. The children were amazed when they saw that it was possible for a bowling ball and a feather fall at the same speed.

This is the video the children watched:

From this, we had a theory that the best way to survive a jump from an aeroplane was to use a parachute. Putting this into practice, we all made paper parachutes and experimented by dropping plastic men with and without one, observing which hit the ground first. Happily, no plastic men were harmed and the theory was proved correct. Photos are attached of the stages of the construction and experimentation.

It was great to see so many Year 3 children taking part in the cross country this lunch time. This event is held every Friday and, although the field is muddy at the moment, it is still great fun. A picture of this week’s participants is below.


Special mentions this week go to Jakob and Fatimah for great learning, Abigail, Olivia, Rebecca and Ella for being the best they could be and Florence and Craig for being good citizens.

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