What is the time?

02/02/2018 at 18:45


This week in Year 3, the children have been getting to grips with telling the time. To help them do this, they have all made clocks using paper plates and card. They then wrote on the various terms that we all use when describing the hours and minutes. Even though the children have worked hard on this it can still be confusing. Thirty-two minutes past three in the afternoon can be three-thirty-two, twenty-eight minutes to four, 3:32pm or 15:32. Finally, just to add to the confusion, clocks can also use roman numerals, which we have also looked at. Your assistance with homework this week, is as always, very appreciated so that any misunderstandings can be corrected.

The mummification experiment is still in progress and next week the children will discover how successful it has been. Also, next Thursday we will be holding a full day of ancient Egyptian themed work. The classes will discover and make Cleopatra’s favourite food, decorate death masks and learn an Egyptian dance, amongst other things. It would be great if your child could come dressed in costume for the day. An old, white bed sheet and a belt would be a simple way to recreate their dress. On the topic of ancient Egypt, the learning logs have been magnificent this week. The work looks brilliant and the effort is obvious. It is difficult to single anyone out, but Charlie and Aarav in 3M and Rovind, Gursimran and Arthur in 3B caught the eye of the class when they were shown today. Several more pieces have been copied and will be displayed to aid our learning.

Special mentions this week go to Lucy for being the best she can be, Grace for being healthy, Kieran for being a great learner and Oliver for being a good citizen.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Micklethwaite and Mr Beevers

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Investigations this week.

26/01/2018 at 15:58


There has been plenty of science and investigating this week in Year 3.

On Monday the children started an experiment about mummification. First they learned how ancient Egyptians prepared and mummified bodies and the reasons they had for doing this. They then watched their teacher demonstrate how to start to mummify a fish by covering in salt. The theory behind using salt was discussed and alternatives that could be used were suggested. Then, working in groups, the children started the process of mummification of tomatoes. They also made observations and predictions of what the results would be. The fish and tomatoes are currently sitting on the windowsill in 3B (although the fish is now also in a plastic bag for obvious reasons!) Hopefully, in a couple of weeks we shall see the results.


The Science topic of forces has moved on to gravity and air pressure. The children were amazed when they saw that it was possible for a bowling ball and a feather fall at the same speed.

This is the video the children watched:

From this, we had a theory that the best way to survive a jump from an aeroplane was to use a parachute. Putting this into practice, we all made paper parachutes and experimented by dropping plastic men with and without one, observing which hit the ground first. Happily, no plastic men were harmed and the theory was proved correct. Photos are attached of the stages of the construction and experimentation.

It was great to see so many Year 3 children taking part in the cross country this lunch time. This event is held every Friday and, although the field is muddy at the moment, it is still great fun. A picture of this week’s participants is below.


Special mentions this week go to Jakob and Fatimah for great learning, Abigail, Olivia, Rebecca and Ella for being the best they could be and Florence and Craig for being good citizens.

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Investigations this week

19/01/2018 at 19:29


This week the children have been using their investigation skills in several lessons.

Using what they have learned in the past few weeks, they tried to work out what a variety of ancient Egyptian artefacts were, what they were made from and what they were used for. Following on from this, several scenes were shown with Egyptians doing tasks. The children had to infer the jobs from the clues in the pictures. There were some interesting interpretations but the classes are starting to develop a good understanding of what life was like in Egypt thousands of years ago.

The learning in the Science lesson could prove very valuable during this cold weather. We have been investigating friction and how it affects moving objects. We found out that things moving over surfaces with high friction not only slow down but get hotter. Using this knowledge, we then discovered the best way to keep our hands warm. We also found out how to stay safe on ice (or alternatively what makes us skate or ski faster).

Next week we will be starting a practical investigation into how Egyptians used to mummify people and animals! Don’t worry, it won’t be too gory.

The learning log homework for the next two weeks is to explore an aspect of ancient Egypt that is of interest. As many as possible will be shown on the blog when completed as we really appreciate the effort made by everyone who helps with children’s learning at home and we would like to share the great work produced. Once again, thanks for all the effort in this area.

Special mentions this week go out to Tom, Esha and Iman for brilliant work.

Have a great weekend

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

(Egyptians loved cats. Below are some instructions of how to create a paper cat: have a go.)

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The Force is with Year 3

12/01/2018 at 19:40


This week in Year 3, we have been learning about forces during Science lessons. We discovered what gravity means and how it affects objects. We also investigated air pressure by building paper windmills and moving it through the air at different speeds to see what happened. Jimi also claimed to be able to use the “force” to read minds. He impressed his classmates (and teacher) by correctly guessing a number chosen at random on a series of cards, although I suspect that the force Jimi used was in fact the force of great maths!

Next week, the children will become budding William Shakespeares. Their task is to rewrite a scene from The Golden Goose in their own words and using their own ideas. The Golden Goose is a mystery / thriller play based in Ancient Egypt, linking well to our history. They may even use some of the information they learned this week about the River Nile in it.

Year 3 still impress by leading the school in the average distance run during the daily mile and the weekly cross country run. Many children have achieved 42.2km / 26.2 miles and some are well on their way to their second marathon.

Special mentions this week are, as always, well deserved and they go to Ethan for being happy, Kiera and Sonny for being the best they can be and Arthur for being a great learner.

Finally, please remember to sign reading record books every day and that the Learning log is due back on Wednesday, along with this week’s Maths homework.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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Happy New Year

05/01/2018 at 19:02


Welcome back and a happy new year. We hope you have all had a great Christmas and have enjoyed the break.

It’s very good to see that all the children have come back to school keen and ready to continue their learning and, even though it’s been a short week, they have produced some great work already.

Over the next few weeks in Literacy, we are looking at play scripts and how they differ from stories. The children will have the chance to write and perform their own short play towards the end of the half term, hopefully showing off their great acting skills.

The History topic this term is ancient Egypt. We will be learning about what life was like for all Egyptians, from the Pharaohs to the slaves. We shall also discover how they treated their dead and how this relates to the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings and Howard Carter. In art, the children will be recreating a death mask (although due to budget limits we will have to find an alternative to solid gold!). Towards the end of the half term, we will give the opportunity for the children to show some of the work they have done at a parents’ assembly – more details to follow.

At today’s Special Mention Assembly, Evie, Harriet and Nathan were selected for being great learners and Stan was chosen for being the best he can be.

Finally, just a reminder that homework was given today and the Maths is due back in next Wednesday (10th Jan) with the Learning Log back the following week (17th Jan). Please also remember that any learning at home should be recorded in the Reading Record books. The work can be any reading, writing or maths and every day counts towards the final percentage at the end of the week. At the moment, Year 3 are a little behind other year groups so please ensure your child gives you their book to sign.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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Have a Merry Christmas

15/12/2017 at 15:39


The last week of term has been very exciting in Year 3 but the children have still been busy in lessons.

In class this week, the children have been working hard to create a Christmas fact file. They have been shown how to safely use the internet on laptops and iPads to research information about Santa Claus, Santa’s reindeers, his elves and the history of Christmas trees. They then wrote about their findings and decorated their booklets, showing all their brilliant presentation skills. Below are photos of the children and their work.

During Maths, a challenge was set for the children to solve the mystery of which elf stole the Christmas pudding. They had to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fraction problems, with the answers corresponding to either letters or words which then give them clues to the culprit. Happily, the offending elf was identified and caught.

It was so lovely to see so many Year 3 children taking part in the Christmas performance of The Snow Queen. All the children were a credit to themselves as they worked very hard to learn lines and remember their parts. Well done to Oliver, Lillie, Esha, Erin, Stan, Archie, Charlie, Harriet, Florrie, Hannah, Alex, Aaminah, Fatimah, Gursimran, Iman, Gabriella, Nuraniya, Khushi, Jacob, Olivia, Ashwin, Gracie, Alice, Phoebe, Isaac, Sophie, Nathan, Lucy and Abigail. I’m sure we have some future stars of stage and screen amongst us.

On Thursday afternoon the children had their Christmas party. There was some great dancing on display along with plenty of very sleepy lions. Many of the children showed how quickly they could eat chocolate with a knife and fork whilst wearing oven gloves, a woolly scarf and a Santa hat. They also showed how grateful they were for all the sandwiches, samosas, sausage rolls, crisps, biscuits, fruit and buns provided by eating as much as possible. Thank you for all the food provided, as we really appreciate the support you give us.

Finally, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The last week of term has been very exciting in Year 3 but the children have still been busy in lessons.


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