3M Grammar This Week: A Dragon and Vowel Bat

21/09/2017 at 21:08


The children in 3M have discovered there is a dragon living somewhere on our school grounds! It is certainly causing a lot of excitement and inspiring some super writing too.

Click here if you would like to see the video Mrs Heap managed to capture of the dragon.

This week in our Grammar lesson, we looked at the rules behind using “a” or “an” correctly in our sentences. First, we needed remind ourselves of the vowel letters. We wanted to watch the “Vowel Bat” video but we couldn’t get it to work. I promised the children I would post the link of the blog. Click here to go to the video.

Mrs Heap

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The first full week

15/09/2017 at 15:43


This week Year 3 have started a new literacy topic where they have designed their very own invention and explained how it would work. We have had many different and interesting inventions from our classes, including a guinea pig cleaner, food makers, Lego brick dispensers and many more!

In Maths we have been using our place value knowledge to problem solve and play exciting number games. These games also made children use their mental addition skills, which we will be visiting in more depth in the next couple of weeks.

The children also experienced their first PE afternoon in KS2 on Tuesday! All children had a wonderful time initially developing their strength, agility and quickness in their SAQ module. Then later in their PE module of choice, they practised new skills in gymnastics, athletics, football or netball.

Special mentions this week go to Zakariyah and Gracie for being great learners, Khushi for being a good citizen and Kieran for being the best you can be.

As a reminder for parents, learning log homework will need to be in on Wednesday 27th September and the Maths homework will need to be in on Wednesday 20th September. 

Miss Micklethwaite & Mr Beevers.

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Year 3’s first week

08/09/2017 at 15:53


We have been very impressed with the way Year 3 have settled into their new classes this week. The children have shown us how hard they worked in Year 2 and that they mean to continue with this great attitude.

3M have written a story about exploring an ice cave. First we explored our senses by listening to sounds you may hear in an ice cave. We then used our drama skills to act out how we would travel through an ice cave and what obstacles may come our way. The children then finished the topic with a piece of work. All children included fabulous sentence starters, adjectives and adverbs in their writing.

3B retold a Horrid Henry story by first creating their own colourful and detailed story board. They then used this to write the final version, adding adjectives, powerful verbs and conjunctions to make it interesting.


Special mentions this week go to Alexia and Jacob for being happy, Charlie for being a great learner and Alice for being the best you can be.


P.E. will be on Tuesday afternoons so please remember that the children should come to school in their P.E. kit in the morning.


Miss Micklethwaite and Mr Beevers

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RE in year 3

12/07/2017 at 08:56


Over the course Spring term, Year 3 learned about about “Who can inspire us?” They found out about people who lead us and decided what the qualities of a good leader are. They then looked at religious leaders – Jesus, Muhammad and Moses – and, through stories, they discovered many of these qualities in these people. Finally, they looked at inspirational people in their own lives.

This term they have covered two units. “How can we express our beliefs in art?” They looked at how some religions don’t draw images of people and why. They tried calligraphy and geometric art and explored why people might choose to use art/symbols instead of words.

In the unit “What do Christians believe about leading a good life?” the children found out what the Bible is, looked at the Ten Commandments, the feeding of the five thousand and the story of Noah.

They also studied the stories of the Prodigal Son, Zacchaeus and the Good Samaritan. They then chose one to make a poster/comic to explain its importance to Christians.

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Measuring and Persuading

16/06/2017 at 16:02


In maths this week, Year 3 have been learning how to measure length (how long something is) and mass (how heavy something is). The children have measured lines to the nearest millimetre. Children working at the expected level would be able to measure accurately and record their answer in centimetres and millimetres (8cm 4mm for example). Children have also explored how they could record this using just one unit and have been considered exceeding the standard if they can write 8cm 4mm as 8.4cm. When measuring longer distances (such as the length of the school hall), the children were asked to choose which measuring tool would be best: a ruler, a metre stick, tape measure etc. Many children correctly chose the longer measuring tools to measure more efficiently. Children also estimated and measured weight to the nearest gram and next week they will solve word problems related to measures.

In literacy, the children have been learning how to persuade. Children have learnt about superlatives (yummiest, tastiest, creamiest) and have been looking at the suffix -est. They completed the week by writing a paragraph to persuade someone to buy a banana. Next week, the children will write a letter to attempt to persuade Mr Harris to do something in school.

In music, the children have been learning about pulse and rhythm whilst learning the Bob Marley song Three Little Birds. In science, children thought about what they would need to survive if they were stranded on a desert island. At the start of the week, the children completed their moving monsters.

Maths homework: this week, the children need to find different objects from around the house and estimate how long they are before measuring their exact length. Children have been sent home with a paper ruler to help them do this.

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DT project in Year 3 – moving MONSTERS!!

12/06/2017 at 16:47


Year 3 have been busy, both last week and this morning, creating some moving monster using a pneumatic system. The children spent Wednesday morning investigating pneumatics and used syringes and tubing to try make a balloon inflate. They then went on to see how pneumatics can be used to make things move (such as car jacks and jack hammers). Below are some pictures of 3D in action!


Our next sessions were skills based. In these sessions the children were shown how to use a glue gun to join two pieces of wood, how to cut wood using a small saw, how to make joints and joins using split pins and card and they also practised their cutting skills. The children really enjoyed learning these skills and remembered to ‘Be Safe’.


Both classes then went on to design a moving monster using their findings to work out how the lid of the shoe box could be moved up. They have drawn detailed plans and used the correct vocabulary.We are really pleased with how these monsters have turned out!


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