Back to school

23/04/2021 at 15:39


We have had a wonderful first week back in school and it has been particularly lovely to welcome back Mr Beevers. The children have worked incredibly hard on all of our new topics and have produced some excellent pieces of work.


In English, we have been reading our new text ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. The story follows two young children, Tranio and Livia, as they escape from their home during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We have been focussing on developing our range of vocabulary then using this correctly in our writing. Here are some examples of our descriptive sentences…

In the distance, you could see smoke billowing from the mountain. – Tallulah

You could hear the roar of mighty Mount Vesuvius. – Hasan

Destructive streams of molten liquid ran down the sides of the volcano and completely obliterated Pompeii. – Kieran

The sound of the perilous and wild lightning filled the citizens’ ears. – Kiran

The sea bolted to the shore and balls of flames shot out of nowhere. – Annie.P

Lightning flashed and thunder roared as silver ash rose to the heavens. – Shailen


We have been continuing our work on fractions, focussing on unit and non-unit fractions. We have spent time finding fractions of amounts and shapes practically then applied this learning to solving different problems. Recent assessments highlighted the four operations as an area of weakness in Year 3. Consequently, we have been working on improving our mental maths skills and discussing the different strategies we could use to answer addition and subtraction classes including mental partitioning of the numbers where no exchange is needed and a formal column method when the calculation includes an exchange. Please encourage your child to make use of Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars at home to support the recall of key facts.


We thoroughly enjoyed our new modules in PE this week. In athletics, we looked at improving our running technique and had some excellent short distance races alongside a longer cross country run. Our skills were really put to the test when we met our new dance coach! Each class will spend the half term learning and choreographing a street dance routine. The focus for our PSHE lesson this week was around the value of money. The children were able to give some excellent reasons for and against which new pair of trainers they would/wouldn’t buy, explaining whether they thought they were good value for money.

Homework for this weekend follows on from our work on unit and non-unit fractions. A weekly spelling list with verbs ending in the suffix -ed has also been sent home for learning.

I hope you all manage to enjoy the spring sunshine over the weekend.

Miss Ellis & The Year 3 Team

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End of term!

01/04/2021 at 15:35


It has been a wonderful end to the term with the added bonus of some lovely sunshine. The children have worked incredibly hard and have completed some excellent pieces of work.


This week, we wrote our diary entries from the perspective of Ernest Shackleton. It was great to see lots of children using a range of language features in their writing such as fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions. We then ended our work on Ice Trap by writing a book review that included a detailed synopsis.


In Maths, we have continued our work on fractions by looking at finding quarters of amounts. We have also been working on improving our times table recall for the 3 and 5 times table. Although we are confident in answering the multiplication questions, we often stumble on our division facts. Please make use of Times Table Rockstars and Hit the Button during the holidays to improve these skills. Mathletics is also a great resource for consolidating the learning we have done in class.


We had very high hopes for our science experiment this week resulting in huge disappointment when the results weren’t as expected. As we had been learning about the function of stems, we decided to explore this by putting flowers into jars of coloured water. We were hoping that as the stems took up the water, the flowers would begin to change colour but unfortunately this was not the result. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that the experiment could be improved by using stronger food colouring, changing the place of the flowers to somewhere warmer and trying a range of different flowers.

We had great fun in our PE lesson this week as we raced around the school grounds in search of eggs!

After the holidays

Next half term, we will be looking at ‘Escape from Pompeii’ within our English lesson which links to our new topic on the Romans. In maths, we will be continuing to work on fractions alongside developing our mental maths fluency. We will also be delivering the SRE element of our PSHE curriculum next half term. A parent meeting about the content of these lessons will be held on Tuesday 4th May at 5pm.

Have a wonderful break,

The Year 3 Team

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Sunflowers in the sunshine

26/03/2021 at 11:43


We have had another fantastic week back in school with the added bonus of some spring sunshine! The children have shown great independence and resilience over the week as they completed several assessments. The results of these have been interesting and have allowed us to clearly see the topics that need revisiting now the children are back in school.


In our English and guided reading lessons, we have continued our work on Shackleton’s expedition. We have focussed on developing our summarising skills, breaking the text down into key events. We couldn’t believe the danger they faced on their journey to find help. We will be finishing our work on this with a final diary entry from Shackleton’s perspective next week.


We got our hands dirty in our science lesson this week! Our lesson focus was all about the roots of a plant and their function. We looked at the roots of our sunflowers and carried out some observational drawings of these. We were blown away by the roots of the rainbow chard growing in the tower garden as not only were they impressively long, they were multicoloured! We planted our sunflowers into bigger pots and some hard working helpers started clearing the bed outside Year 3 ready for when the sunflowers are big enough to go outside.


In our geography session this week we looked at the different fauna and flora found in the UK and how this differs to that in other climates. We also discussed different ways in which we can help protect our wildlife – recycling and donating to charities were a couple of the fantastic suggestions we had. Today, our in PSHE lesson, we have been looking at celebrating differences. We learnt all about a young boy living with Cystic Fibrosis and the challenges he faces during his day to day life. We were very surprised to find out that we had lots of things in common with him such as being in year 3, liking pizza and playing sports.


We have been focussing on improving our mental maths and basic calculation skills since coming back to school. Homework for this weekend is a recap of the work we have done with column addition. Spellings for this week are a recap of some of our homophones. Remember to use a range of strategies when practising your spellings such as pyramid writing, drawing a picture, putting the word into a sentence, drawing around the word and look, cover, write, check. A reminder that homework is due in on Wednesday and reading records should be signed on a daily basis.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team

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A wonderful week of learning!

19/03/2021 at 12:08


It has been amazing to have the children back in school and working incredibly hard. Everyone is settled into new routines – it is as though we have never been away!


The children have loved learning about Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica over the last few weeks. We have embraced lots of opportunities to write from the perspective of a crew member as we voyaged to a bleak land at the bottom of the world. We have had a big focus on right choice words and improving our vocabulary. Our new favourite word is in perilous! Maybe you could ask us what it means?


We ended our length unit of work by measuring and calculating the perimeter of different shapes. We had lots of fun measuring giant shapes in the hall and were then able to apply our knowledge to lots of problem solving questions. Next week, we will be starting our work on fractions. How many ways can you show one half at home? Can you cut your toast in half? Can you pour half a glass of water?


As part of our new topic ‘How does a seed become a plant?’ we went on a long walk around our schools grounds collecting a range of different leaves. We then discussed the similarities and differences between the leaves and categorised them accordingly. We are looking forward to taking over one of the beds in the poly tunnel so that we can plant a range of seeds and watch them grow!


In geography this week, we have been learning about the hottest, wettest places in the world. The climate here was very different to the desert climates we looked at last week. We discussed the positive and negative implications of living in a place hit by monsoons and decided the recent rainy days here weren’t too bad. Our French session made our tummies rumble as we were learning the names of different fruits and foods. The most popular fruit in 3E was les pommes.


Children have been given a new list of spellings to learn over the weekend. Maths homework this week links to our work on calculating perimeter. Please remember to bring your homework in on a Wednesday. Reading records should be signed on a daily basis as part of our extreme learning. These should then be brought into school on a Friday in order for us to reveal our score in special mention assembly.

Please remember to return your library book on Monday if you have not done so already.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 3 Team

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World Book Day

05/03/2021 at 08:18


Today, year 3 and 4 are joining forces to celebrate World Book Day. World Book Day’s mission this year is to celebrate and promote reading for pleasure. Children are therefore welcome to wear their pyjamas as we spend the day exploring a range of books and stories. Maybe your favourite teddy could join you for the day?

All of our Google meets and assignments for the day will take place on the Special Mention Google Classroom.

Here is what we have in store for you…

Google Meet Times

  • 9am – World Book Day Assembly Launch
  • 9:20am – What is non-fiction? with Miss Ellis
  • 11am – Share a story with Mr Hemming
  • 2:45pm – Special mention assembly

Tasks for the day

  • Design a page for a non-fiction text
  • Books and the real world live event
  • Sharing a story
  • Writing a character description
  • Create your own reading crown

We can’t wait to see you and celebrate all things BOOKS together!

Returning to school

We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back into school on Monday.

Chromebooks must be returned on Monday please with their power lead.  Please pass these to a member of staff in a plastic bag at the door. Please also return whiteboards, rulers, White Rose Maths booklets and any reading scheme books. We won’t need all the sheet-based work that the children have done over the past 8 weeks unless there is something that the child particularly wants to show their teacher.

Have a great weekend!

The Year 3 Team

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Wednesday 3rd March

03/03/2021 at 09:07


Here is an outline of our Google meets and the assignments due for the next two days.


Google Meet Times

9am – Maths
11am – English
1pm – Guided Reading

Maths – Adding lengths
English – Job applications
French – Counting to 10


Google Meet Times

9am – Maths
11am – English
1pm – Guided reading

Maths – Subtracting lengths
English – Editing and improving our writing
PE – Complete PE & Dance

Have a lovely few days!

The Year 3 Team

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