Maths, marvellous maths!

Friday 24th January | No comments yet

We have had lots of fun this week learning about division and remainders. We have been using lots of methods to solve division calculations including part whole models, place value grids, practical sharing and arrays. We had to use our place value skills to regroup counters when we had left over tens that could be shared out as ones. We even had a go at applying our new skills to questions that involved sharing out money equally. Homework this week recaps some of these methods.

How many ways can you show 41 shared by 3?

3E were the Times Table Rockstars tournament champions! Between both classes an astonishing 40,240 points were earned over the last 2 weeks. A huge well done to Arjun in 3C who earnt the most individual points. Please continue to make use of TTRockstars and Hit the Button to improve recall speed.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Ellis and Miss Chambers

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