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Plenty of brilliant learning has taken place in Year 3 this week. In Maths, the children have been introduced to column addition. Although relatively simple to perform, this rapid calculation method needs an understanding of the value of each column so the classes started the week with expanded column addition. This requires the two numbers to be partitioned and then the resulting tens and ones are added separately. These results are then added together to find the answer.  An important part of this method is neat presentation, making sure numbers are in the correct column. As all the children worked hard in this area, they were able to move to formal column addition, even carrying tens and hundreds. Homework this week is to practice this method, although we will continue to work on it next week.

In English, we started the week playing the traditional autumn game of conkers.  After first learning the rules, all the children were given a conker and had great fun trying to smash their opponents nut to win the game. They then had to write an explanation text, describing the steps needed to play.

Special mentions this week go to Ayla, Tilli, Maddy and Todd. Well done.

The whole of 3M must also be commended for continuing to work well without Miss Micklethwaite.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers

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  1. Zoe (Jack's mum) says:

    Jack had such fun playing conkers and that evening we went looking for conkers. Excellent week had by all

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