Slogans, Shapes, Sewing and Science.

Friday 21st June | 1 comment

In English his week, the children have been imagining and designing their own chocolate bar. This is so that next week they can create logos, write slogans and hopefully persuade their friends that their bar is worth buying. Who knows? They may even convince their class teacher that their bar is worth making in school!

In Maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties. The children predicted which net would create a cube and then they modelled several other shapes using playdough. We also explored the school grounds to find examples of 2D and 3D shapes. The netball hoops and court gave us circles, semi-circles and cylinders. There were plenty of cuboids making walls and rectangles as doorways and windows. We even spotted a pentagon in the tree house.

Our S Factor auditions this week have been very well received. Both classes had brilliant experiments on show. The winning entrant in 3M was Noah with his floating CD. Honourable mentions also go to Milo for his balloon lung and Ayla with her water cyclone. In 3B the judging was very difficult but Joshua’s laser light refraction demonstration won through. His technical explanation also showed he had researched the topic well. His winning entry was closely followed by Matilda’s layered drink, L.J.’s lava lamp, and Zahra’s floating spiders. We all had a great time watching and learning, and wish our finalists all the best of luck next Friday morning.

Our pencils cases are starting to near completion. Joe’s squid shaped case looks great and several other children have started to add decorations and details.

Special mentions this week go to Jack, Milo, Billy and Florence.

Have a great weekend, especially if you are attending the Farsley Festival.

Mr Beevers and Mr Winfield.

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  1. Zoe (Jack's mum) says:

    Jack was so pleased to receive special mention this week after challenging week….so proud of him to pull ot back by the end of the week….to see his face when he handed it to me was amazing.

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