Nymphs, goblins, angles and lines!

Friday 19th May | 1 comment

This week has been another busy one for Year 3. We have been lucky to have some warmer weather and get outdoors!

In literacy this week, we have been looking at a poetry text called  ‘On A Salt Marsh’ by Harold Monro. The children have used the text in  a number of different ways – to develop their descriptions and use of fronted adverbials, to debate and justify their opinions (who should get to keep the beads and why?) and also to use the text in performance. The children were either goblins or nymphs and performed the poem brilliantly! They worked on actions, speaking audibly and thought about how the characters would speak and act.

In maths, we have moved onto geometry after 4 weeks of fractions. This week the children have looked at straight lines – vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular and then moved onto angles. They have become quite adept at using angle checkers to see whether an angle was a right angle with an angle of 90 degrees, , acute (smaller than a right angle) or obtuse (larger than a right angle). Along side the the children have been out into the playground and directed each other around mazes and circuits using language such as clockwise, anti clockwise and turns of 90 or 180 degrees. When they had mastered this they then went on to repeat this with blindfolds on!

In science, we have continued our work on plants. This week we have looked at the functions of seeds and also how seeds are dispersed in different ways. The children have had the opportunity to look closely at a large number of different seeds (thanks to our wonderful gardeners who have collected them over the past year). They found how seeds can be transported by wind, water, animals (through eating) catching lifts of animals and exploding – like the plant in the video below!


Maths homework due Wednesday 24th May

Homework this week is around angles and identifying right, acute and obtuse angles.

Learning Log due Wednesday 24th May

Our science topic this term is all about plants. For your homework this week, we would like you to find out about plants that we eat (edible plants). Think about the work we have done in class about the parts of a plant – can you tell me which part of the plant we eat, such as the fruit, root, leaves, stem or flower?


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  1. peterharris says:

    I had the pleasure of covering 3S for an hour on Friday and enjoyed working with them on recording their performance poetry on the ipads: perhaps we will see some of them on the blog in the future!

    As regards the Himalayan Balsam, Year2s were exploding some of those pods on their trip down to the canal and river in September: there is a lot of it growing down there near the Railway pub: http://ffks1.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2016/09/Photo-16-09-2016-13-54-27.jpg

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