DT project in Year 3 – moving MONSTERS!!

Monday 12th June | 7 comments

Year 3 have been busy, both last week and this morning, creating some moving monster using a pneumatic system. The children spent Wednesday morning investigating pneumatics and used syringes and tubing to try make a balloon inflate. They then went on to see how pneumatics can be used to make things move (such as car jacks and jack hammers). Below are some pictures of 3D in action!


Our next sessions were skills based. In these sessions the children were shown how to use a glue gun to join two pieces of wood, how to cut wood using a small saw, how to make joints and joins using split pins and card and they also practised their cutting skills. The children really enjoyed learning these skills and remembered to ‘Be Safe’.


Both classes then went on to design a moving monster using their findings to work out how the lid of the shoe box could be moved up. They have drawn detailed plans and used the correct vocabulary.We are really pleased with how these monsters have turned out!


7 responses to “DT project in Year 3 – moving MONSTERS!!”

  1. Katy Smith FF School Governor says:

    Brilliant work Year 3! You’ve clearly worked hard and been so creative.

  2. Jenny Wood says:

    Adam never tells me anything about school but he wouldn’t stop talking about this project! Thank you Mrs D and co for letting the kids create and saw things x

  3. Jenny Scott says:

    Wow Year 3 these Monsters look amazing!
    I really like the way they come alive.

  4. Kate says:

    Finn really enjoyed doing this project, he has not stopped talking about using real tools and explaining how it all works. It now has pride of place in kitchen to make sure Finn can show it to everyone that comes round. Great project, thanks

  5. Daniel's mum says:

    Wow! What fantastic Monsters! Well done Year 3!

  6. Mr Cooke says:

    These look great!
    I will pop into your classes and have a closer look later this week.
    Well done Year 3.

  7. Peter Harris says:

    Great job! We need a few short pieces of video showing that these monsters really move…

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