Top secret!

07/02/2020 at 22:34


Warning! This blog will self destruct in 24 hours! This week the children have been approached to take part in a secret mission to help James Bond. We received a letter explaining that Bond keeps slipping when trying to fight baddies. We needed to plan and conduct a fair test to decide the best surface for Bond to run on. The children worked well in teams using the Newton Meters to test different surfaces.

We have also been busy in History this week and became real embalmers and mummified a tomato! The children really enjoyed this even though it was a little messy! We then finished our English topic and wrote some instructions on how to mummify a tomato.

3C also recapped their learning on colours in French this week. Miss Chambers was impressed with how well the children had remembered the colours which we learnt at the start of the year. The children played a game of connect 4 using their French vocabulary. They worked particularly hard on correct punctuation.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Chambers, Miss Ellis and the Year 3 team.

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The opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb

31/01/2020 at 08:34


Yesterday, we went on an expedition to uncover the secrets inside Tutankhamun’s tomb, one of the most famous Pharaohs to have ruled in Ancient Egypt. We had to crawl through the narrow passageways and search for ancient artefacts that would help us build a clear picture of what his tomb was really like. Due to the poisonous, harmful gasses, we could only spend 20 seconds inside at a time and had to sketch what we could see. We then reported our findings back to our team of historians and compared our drawings to create a complete picture. After that, we found out what Howard Carter’s, the first man to enter the tomb for 3000 years, experience was like. We have come up with a list of questions that we would like to research next week as a result of our expedition.

This week we also received a letter from Q, asking for our help with James Bond’s recent dilemma. When chasing baddies, he keeps falling over and so the secret service want our help in finding out what surfaces James Bond should be avoiding. We decided to set up an experiment to test the force needed to a pull a shoe across different surfaces. We looked at newton meters to see how we could measure the pulling force. Next week, we will put different surfaces to the test such and record our findings. To ensure our test is fair we decided that we needed to keep the shoe the same but whose shoe will we use?

Please continue to work on your 500 word story entry – these are due in on Wednesday 12th February.

Have a lovely, long weekend!

Miss Ellis and Miss Chambers

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Maths, marvellous maths!

24/01/2020 at 16:24


We have had lots of fun this week learning about division and remainders. We have been using lots of methods to solve division calculations including part whole models, place value grids, practical sharing and arrays. We had to use our place value skills to regroup counters when we had left over tens that could be shared out as ones. We even had a go at applying our new skills to questions that involved sharing out money equally. Homework this week recaps some of these methods.

How many ways can you show 41 shared by 3?

3E were the Times Table Rockstars tournament champions! Between both classes an astonishing 40,240 points were earned over the last 2 weeks. A huge well done to Arjun in 3C who earnt the most individual points. Please continue to make use of TTRockstars and Hit the Button to improve recall speed.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Ellis and Miss Chambers

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Famous Farsley Farfield

17/01/2020 at 20:27


This week saw the launch of the 500 word writing competition. The whole of KS2 enjoyed taking part in the live lesson and our school even got a mention on TV! The children travelled to the past and future, looked at current issues and learnt about how we can make our writing entertaining and engaging. There were plenty of fantastic and imaginative ideas involving sharks, robots and hover crafts! Children’s Learning Log is to write their short story ready for submission. It must impress and the only rule is it must be 500 words or less!

We thoroughly enjoyed completing a range of experiments in Science this week. These ranged from can a magnet attract an object through water to does the size of a magnet affect its strength? We discussed our predictions and how to write successful conclusions.

We enjoyed learning about the River Nile in History and discussed why it was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. Did you know the seasons were based around the River Nile and when it flooded?

Maths homework includes questions around multiplying a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. The children should be able to complete this independently as we have done a lot of work on this in class!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Chambers, Miss Ellis and the Year 3 team

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Welcome back!

10/01/2020 at 11:54


What a fantastic start to the spring term we have had! Everyone has been working really hard this week and there have been vast improvements in the quality of work the children have produced.

This week, we began our new history topic ‘What was life like in Ancient Egypt?’ We were so excited to find out that the director of The British Museum in London has asked for our help in creating a new exhibition. We are looking forward to carrying out lots of enquiries to help him with his research. We have started to look at how long ago Ancient Egypt was and placed it on a timeline. We then used a website called Padlet to create a collaboration board with all the questions we want to find out during the topic. Can you answer any of them?

Within our English lessons, we have been looking at ‘The Golden Goose’ – a playscript set in Ancient Egypt. We discussed how playscripts differ to stories and listed their different features. After reading the first few scenes, we then had a go at acting one out. We then looked in more detail at stage directions and added our own to a scene from the play.

In Science, we started our work on magnets and forces with an investigation to find out what objects in the classroom were magnetic. We were surprised to see the paperclips jump up from the table when we hovered a magnet above them! We tested lots of different objects and recorded them in a table. We also looked at a story about a boy, who was also learning about magnets at school, who stole a magnet. The magnet in his pocket then began to attract lots of items and he ended up walking around with a trail of things behind him that had stuck to each other. We made predictions about whether this would actually happen and will test our theories next week.

COMPETITION TIME! It is expected that children in Year 3 can recall their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x table – we have done lots of work on these in class! However, as we need to gain speed with the recall our our times table facts, a competition has been set up between 3E and 3C to see which class can earn the most points on Times Table Rockstars. Homework this week is to earn as many points as you can and improve your recall speed.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Ellis and Miss Chambers

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Oh yes we did!

13/12/2019 at 15:30


To conclude our English work on traditional tales, we went on a fantastic trip to the City Varieties in Leeds to watch Little Red Riding Hood. Despite a challenging start to the trip, with icy pavements, a cancelled train and a train too full to take us, we finally made it (just in time) with the help of Mrs Hawkhead and Mr Wilson! We absolutely loved the theatre and couldn’t believe the talent of the actor/musican/singers! We spent the entire performance sat on the edge of our seats, having lots of fun joining in the songs and pantomime chants. As 3C headed back to school on the mini buses, 3E ventured to Leeds Station where we met a rail safety officer who helped us board one of the fancy new trains back to New Pudsey. We were all incredibly sensible and did an exceptional job of representing Farsley Farfield. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers, without whom the trip would not be possible!

In Science, we have been carrying out our own investigations to test which materials would make the best pair of sunglasses for Mr Harris’ next holiday. We discussed whether the materials were transparent, translucent or opaque and why the would/would not make good sunglasses. We were hoping that the tinsel would be the winner as they would make a jazzy addition to a holiday outfit however thinking practically, we decided that a dish cloth and bubble wrap would be best!

We finished our PE units for this half term with a brilliant performance from 3E. They have spent the last 6 weeks working with a dance coach to improve their travelling skills, movement and create a routine. Check out our final performance!

Homework for this week is a sheet of word problems linking to our work on multiplication. Please make use of TimesTable Rockstars to improve recall speed of the multiplication tables.

A letter has gone home today about our Christmas party next Thursday – please have a look at the items you have been asked to bring.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Ellis, Miss Chambers and the Year 3 Team.

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