Savage Stone Age!

22/10/2021 at 16:32


On Thursday, Year 3 was taken over by the Stone Age. There were some fantastic costumes and we had a brilliant time completing a range of activities to end the Stone Age topic.

As part of the activities, the children learnt all about cave paintings that were discovered in different parts of the world and then created their own. We were very impressed with their ideas. Both classes took turns taking part in practical activities to learn more about what life was like during the Stone Age.


Children had the opportunity to learn more about why a bow and arrow was used and how to hold and aim to hit a target. They then had a go at using a modern version of a bow and arrow and some children managed to hit the target.

Shelter survival

During the Stone Age, shelters were very important and children learnt about the way that people survived and found shelter. Children used material, sticks and tied simple knots using rope to create a shelter for their group. We then sat underneath them to keep warm and found out about the way that fires were made and what a fire could be used for.

Fire! Fire!

The children were excited to learn about different ways that a fire was made during the Stone Age. We learned that a fire could be made using a fire drill or flint. They worked in pairs and small groups to light their own fires using a fire steel. We had some success even though it was windy!

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and we were impressed with the children’s behaviour. We have also had a busy week of learning. We’ve continued with our topic of addition and subtraction in Maths.

A fabulous way to end our topic and this week.

Have a wonderful half term!

Mrs Begum & Miss Ellis

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Story writing

15/10/2021 at 15:36


This week, the children have used our class text ‘Stone Age Boy’ as inspiration for their own creative writing. The children built up descriptions of a Stone Age cave and then transported themselves to another world full of adventure in their engaging stories. We have learnt how to use fronted adverbials to show where and how something is happening and we have been pleased to see the children using these independently in their story writing. We look forward to sharing this work with you at parents evening next week alongside individual writing targets.


In maths, we have been adding multiples of ten to 3-digit numbers using a variety of methods. Where exchanging was involved, everyone was able to do this using place value counters and some children went on to using more efficient methods such as partitioning and number bonds. Homework this week consolidates this learning. Children are encouraged to draw pictorial representations of place value counters or dienes to support them to work independently. Next week, we will be looking at subtraction following the same methods.


Carrying on from our work on the story of Exodus, this week we have been learning about the celebration of Passover. We explored the Seder plate and the representations of each of the different foods. We then tried some of them out!


The children were transformed into palaeontologists in our lesson this week as they learnt all about the process of fossilisation. We looked at the different steps together then the children used the Chromebooks to independently research how fossils are formed and the different types of fossils that have been found.


Writers, mathematicians, palaeontologists. I imagine you’re wondering what other careers we could possibly aspire to have!? In year 3, we have a cohort of very talented glockenspiel players and singers! Over the half term, we have been learning the song ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’ and have had lots of fun learning the lyrics and improving our understanding of rhythm and tempo. This week, the children did a fantastic job of playing along with the song on their glockenspiels.

Exciting news

We have recently set up a loyalty account with Truman Books, Farsley’s new independent book store. This means that when children, parents and school staff shop there and mention our school name, we collect points to spend on books for school. This is the start of a fantastic partnership and we hope that your support of the independent store will result in some lovely new books for the school library!

A reminder that we will be having our Stone Age Day next week on Thursday 21st October. Children are welcome to come in fancy dress. The weather forecast looks somewhat damp therefore I recommend children bring a coat and sensible shoes as we have several outdoor activities planned regardless of the rain!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Ellis & Mrs Begum

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Another busy week in Year 3

08/10/2021 at 16:47



We have had lots of fun using our word of the week ‘eerie’ in our writing this week as we used our senses to write descriptions of a cave. We introduced fronted adverbials to express place and the children did a fantastic job of using these independently. In guided reading we learnt about Skara Brae and used our retrieval skills to locate information from a piece of non-fiction text. Rex Retriever was very happy with our scanning skills!


We have moved on to work on addition and subtraction this week starting by adding and subtracting ones from a 3-digit number including with exchange. The children did a fantastic job of using their number bond knowledge to partition numbers to support them using the following model:

It is important that children are able to recall number facts at a quick pace therefore we have sent home a fun game that works on improving recall speed of number bonds to 20. Hit the Button is a fantastic online resource for practising different number facts including bonds, times tables and division.


In history, we have been learning about hunter-gatherers and their role within the Stone Age. The children were able to make some fantastic inferences about their lives using clues from an image stimulus. They then went on to act out the different job roles within the Stone Age.

In RE, we have been continuing our learning on Judaism. This week, we looked at the story of Moses and his importance to Judaism.

We also learnt about the weathering and erosion of rocks in our science lesson. The children were able to clearly explain why rocks would change over time and how long this might take. We then watched a very interesting video to find out how caves were formed and were very surprised at the length of time it would take for the stalactites and stalactites to meet.

Well done to all our children who received a special mention this week. A special shout out to Aaryana for achieving a gold award on Mathletics this week.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Ellis & Mrs Begum

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Stone Age Writers

01/10/2021 at 16:47


What a busy week it has been!


In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 and have now come to the end of our learning on place value. The children have improved their knowledge of hundreds, tens and ones enormously and we are really proud of them. Please continue to practise your recall of facts using TT Rockstars. Well done to Ciaran achieving a GOLD in Mathletics!


This week in English, the children have been busy writing a diary from the perspective of a child in the Stone Age. There have been some great examples of children using the facts that they have learned in History and from the book, The Stone Age Boy.  Many of our stone age children have written about the fires that they have made and wrote about how brilliant they were at hunting animals. We hope that they will tell you more about the things that they got up to. We even had some brilliant tent makers!

We hope to immerse them even further into prehistoric life, when we hold our Stone Age day on Thursday 21st October.


In Science, we are continuing to learn about different rocks and carried out an experiment to check how permeable different rocks are. The children worked in groups to test a variety of rocks, writing down and sharing what they observed. They could explain some of the features of a permeable rock and shared the different ways that this type of rock might be used in real life.


We have been learning all about artefacts this week and how they provide us with more information. Children grouped together pictures and artefacts depending on the era, job role and even material! We were also lucky enough to see a REAL stone age artefact! They were found near a coast in Sunderland and include a drill and a peeler.  What a brilliant find, perfect for our topic. Thank you Isobel!


In Gymnastics this week, children worked together to create symmetrical balances using apparatus. The children worked really well in Netball and practised defending. We hope that they will continue to work just as hard next week.

Have a lovely and restful weekend.

Mrs Begum and Miss Ellis

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Rock detectives

24/09/2021 at 12:46


We have been very busy carrying out experiments and observations in our science lessons this week. We have enjoyed investigating which rock would be best for Mr Harris to use for a new statue in the playground. We tested the strength of different rocks by scratching them with our nails and other rocks and used magnifying glasses to have a closer look. The children came to the conclusion that Mr Harris should certainly not use chalk for his statue but instead, marble or granite.


We have enjoyed reading some more of Stone Age Boy this year where a young boy goes back in time and meets Om and her Stone Age family. We made some excellent predictions about what would happen and even used our retrieval and inference skills to unpick the story. We then used our knowledge of the Stone Age jobs to write sentences using subordinating clauses for example; If I lived in the Stone Age, I would use animal skins to make a shelter. Now we know lots more about life in the Stone Age, we will be writing our own diary entries next week. We have looked at the features of a great diary entry this week to help us understand what will make us successful in our own writing.

We can’t wait to go on our own adventure back in time on Thursday 21st October during our Stone Age Day. We have lots of crafty activities to get stuck into! Remember you can come to school dressed as someone from the Stone Age. Letters were sent home about this earlier this week.


In our history lesson this week, we looked at how long ago the Stone Age really was. We were very surprised at both how long ago it was and how long it lasted! We created our own timelines with historic events we were already familiar with such as The Great Fire of London, the 1960’s, Florence Nightingale and starting year 3 and used these to work out when the Stone Age began.


In Maths, we have been expanding on our knowledge of place value by comparing numbers with 3-digits using the <, > and = signs. The children impressed us greatly with this and were able to reason why numbers with the same amount of hundreds could still be different. We were very impressed with everyone’s efforts on their Mathletics homework – new homework has been assigned on Mathletics for this week to complete our work on place value.

Competition time

Today, we have written short stories and drawn our favourite book characters to submit to our local bookstore for their Independent Bookstore Day competition. The winner will receive a £10 National Book Token to spend in their shop. The owner of Truman Books is looking forward to collecting the entries. We are excited about forming a link between our school and Truman Books and hope to enter many more competitions and events with them.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Ellis & Mrs Begum

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We are settling in well!

17/09/2021 at 15:36


This week has been super busy, with this being the first full week back. It seems that Year 3 are settling in well and have made a good transition, which is brilliant to see. We have been impressed with their attitude towards work and hope that this will continue!


This week, we have been continuing our learning with place value. The children have worked super hard in groups to practically create a range of 3 -digit numbers. Last week, we used base 10 and they are now using place value counters to make different numbers.  We have also introduced number lines and have been counting in intervals up to 1000! We will be continuing with number lines next week.


The children have been introduced to subordinating conjunctions this week and they have had a lot of fun using their Chromebooks and sharing fabulous sentences! In guided reading, we have been continuing our reading of the Stone Age boy and have been using our inference skills to work out what the characters think of each other. We are looking forward to finding out more next week.


We have been continuing with our learning all about rocks this week and children went on to create fantastic flow charts asking a range of questions which lead to a certain rock! They have been using scientific vocabulary to describe and differentiate between them!


We were lucky enough to catch some of the sun during PE this week! Year 3 have been practicing a range of sports including Tchoukball, Gymnastics and Netball. They have really impressed us with their team work. Some of the children worked with coaches from Leeds Rhinos and developed their football skills leading to crabs on the floor attempting to catch their opponent. Who knew crabs played football!

Have a lovely and restful weekend!

Mrs Begum and Miss Ellis

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