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31/03/2020 at 21:57


Year 3 are continuing to work hard this week. So far we have been busy recognising and counting in tenths. Children should also have finished writing, editing and improving their stories. We still have quite a few missing so please can you check on “upcoming- view all” to see if yours is missing. Here are some of the fantastic illustrations we’ve received. I think we have some budding artists!

On 1st April we would like children to do the following:

– a book review of “Leon and the Place Between.” To be completed in Home Learning books. There is a PowerPoint with details in Year 3 English on Google Classroom. This doesn’t need to be submitted to teachers but you can email it if you wish.

– watch the video on the Year 3 Maths Google Classroom (week 2- lesson 1- step 6- fractions on a number line). It is quite a long one! Then, we would like children to complete the assignment to be submitted via Google Classroom.

On 2nd April we would like children to do the following:
– a spelling, punctuation and grammar activity (details in Year 3 English) to be submitted via Google Classroom.

-watch the video on the Year 3 Maths Google classroom (week 2-Lesson 2 – Step 7 – Fractions of a set of objects (1)). Then complete the assignment to be submitted via Google Classroom.

Please also remember to continue using Spelling Shed, Mathletics and TT Rockstars.

Please continue to send us pictures about the wonderful learning you are doing at home. Here are some of the different experiences children have been having.

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Magnificent mathematicians!

29/03/2020 at 22:55


Good morning,

I hope you have all had a well earned rest this weekend. On Friday, the children were challenged to represent 3/10 in a variety of ways. I was impressed by the creativity shown by the children and I hear that the they enjoyed doing this activity. In school, we used “Pic collage” to showcase our different representations.

As always, google classroom is your main source of classwork for the children. Please can you check on “upcoming- view all” to see if you have any work still to be completed from last week. Remember you need to look on the Year 3 Maths and Year 3 English classes for the daily activities. If you have any problems with Google classroom please email your class teacher. Here are our email addresses:

On Monday 30th we would like:
– the children to edit and improve their stories- these must then be submitted via google classroom. There is clear criteria on the PowerPoint of which features need to be included. Please make sure your child checks their writing against this.

– children to create one or two illustrations for their story and email them to their class teacher.

-children to watch the video link on google classroom titled “counting in tenths” (you will need to click on week 1). Then, complete the assignment “tenths-activity 2”. This is to be submitted via google classroom.

On Tuesday, we would like the children to:
– complete a spelling activity to be submitted via google classroom.

-watch the video link tenths as decimals (to be posted on google classroom). You will need to click on week 1 again. Children will then complete the worksheet in their Home Learning book. This does not need to be submitted to teachers.

Remember to also continue to use TT rockstars, Spelling Shed and Mathletics.

Mr Harris sent out an example timetable to parents/carers last night which may help add structure and routine to your day. Please note that the afternoon suggests different activities such as exercising, board games and gardening. We love seeing the range of experiences your children are having at home! Here are a few:

Miss Chambers, Miss Ellis and the Year 3 team.

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Busy bees

27/03/2020 at 15:48


It has been lovely to see my inbox brimming with photographs of everyone’s home learning and creative activities. Check out what your friends have been up to!

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26th March

26/03/2020 at 20:09


The children have continued working hard both at home and at school today (Thursday). It’s great to hear about all the exciting things you are doing. Make sure you include a range of activities in your day. I enjoyed hearing about a child taking the opportunity to do some PE at home.

Children seem to have enjoyed today’s Maths activity on Google Classroom and there have been some great responses. Remember to read the question carefully. If a question asks you to use specific vocabulary such as numerator and denominator use it in your answer! We want to see everything you can do.

Some children have already submitted their stories. I love some of the fantastic and creative ideas I have seen (including Ed Sheeran songs playing in the Place Between) but please make sure you spend time with this piece of work. It should take you 3 lessons to plan, write and edit your work. Check for spelling, punctuation and right choice words.

Tomorrow (Friday), the children will complete a practical activity in their Home Learning books for Maths. This will include children representing 3/10 in as many different ways as they can. For example: as a part whole model, a bar model, a tens frame etc. We have also set children the challenge to see if they can find different ways to represent 3/10 out of objects in your house? Send us any pictures you have of children doing this.

Remember to also make use of TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Mathletics.

Miss Chambers, Miss Ellis and the Year 3 team

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Learning continues

25/03/2020 at 20:24


Hi all,

It has been lovely to see some of the work that you have been producing at home and we have been busy here in school too! The children have continued working on fractions in Maths. In school. children represented this in a number of ways. Perhaps if you’re busy having a clear out at home you could talk about which fraction of toys you’re donating to charity etc? If you’re having a yummy pizza for tea discuss how many pieces you will split your pizza into and how many fractions then make the whole. Can you think of any more exciting ideas to get fractions into home life? Please email us if you can and we can share!

For English for the next few days, we would like you to re-write the story of “Leon and the Place Between”. You could change where the magic show is, the acts in the show or even what Leon sees in the Place Between etc. Think carefully about how you’re going to make your story exciting! There will be a PowerPoint posted on Google Classroom with further instructions. This does not have to be handed in until Monday. Make sure that it is the best it can be. This would be your “extended writing” in school. Look carefully at the PowerPoint as it tells you what you need to include and gives you a good example. Do not rush and remember to edit and improve your work.

Children have lots of activities assigned to them on Mathletics. A few children have completed them all, but some have not done any yet. Please work through a few activities every day. Teachers may re-assign activities if children don’t score highly. Please do click on the i icon for more information if it isn’t clear what is required on any particular activity.

Keep safe and enjoy your time at home.

Miss Chambers, Miss Ellis and the Year 3 team

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Wednesday 25th March

25/03/2020 at 08:36


Good morning everyone!

It has been lovely to see lots of children working hard at home this week – we have enjoyed looking at your work on google classroom. We would love to see what else you are doing at home too so please keep in touch with us by leaving a comment on the blog or sending some photos via our email addresses.



For those children who have not yet joined the google classrooms, please do this ASAP as the children need to complete the daily lessons provided. Please ensure you type the codes in correctly with no spaces.

Year 3 Maths zsvisl2

Year 3 English s5wwelz

3C class zdc4f47

Please encourage children to try their best with the work set on google classroom rather than rush as this work will be marked. Next week, we will be writing stories so it is important that the children keep up with their tasks. Could you please also remind children that our google classroom is for online work and comments about the work set.

If you haven’t already, have a go at following one of these online illustration videos. Here are some of the masterpieces that have been emailed to me, alongside some we did here in school!

Please take some time to enjoy a book today. We will be asking for some recommendations!

Enjoy the sunshine,

Miss Ellis and Miss Chambers

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