24/07/2018 at 20:53


I have been so lucky to have a class as amazing as this for my first year in teaching! They are a wonderful group and they should all be very proud of all their hard work this year. 


My favourite part of the year was definitely our Egyptian topic as it’s so interesting. I enjoyed mummifying the fish and tomatoes and going to the Leeds city museum to see a real life mummy! 


I will miss this class so much and wish them all the best in their school careers.


Miss Micklethwaite



It has been a pleasure teaching art to Year 3 as they are a lovely bunch. They always listen and take care in their work.


Mrs Wylie



I am delighted to say that this has been the most enjoyable year of my teaching career so far. My class have been a superb group and I will really miss them all. Every single one of them deserves a very restful holiday after all their hard work. Also, the support from parents has been amazing. This includes helping on trips, support with homework and providing costumes during our themed days.


My funniest memory was from the Christmas party when we were playing the “Eat the chocolate with a knife and fork whilst wearing a woolly hat and ski gloves” game. Perhaps we didn’t explain the rules well enough as one unnamed girl put on the hat and gloves, cut into the wrapper with the knife and then picked up the bar to eat it. Before we realised, she had eaten around 100g of Dairy Milk. Needless to say, the dancing competition was postponed.


Mr Beevers

Finally, thank you for all the lovely cards, comments and gifts. They are very much appreciated.

Have a great holiday and give us a wave in September.


Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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21/07/2018 at 08:18


Both classes enjoyed a super day out at Eureka on Friday. The weather was gloriously sunny in the morning, which allowed the children to make good use of the outdoor play area before lunch. In the afternoon we started with an exploration of the museum’s different areas. The bank and shop sections were particularly enjoyable as the children were able to print their own money, although there were some very strange and large denomination bank notes being used to buy bread and fish.

The Science of Superheroes workshop at the end of the visit was very well received. There were some very interesting and exciting demonstrations of how science can be used to recreate superhero powers, such as climbing walls, bending metal and seeing hot and cold objects. Olivia’s mum even volunteered to show us how to hold a fireball like Jonny Storm, the Human Torch.

With the Year group being on the trip, there were no special mentions this week but thanks again to all the parents who were able to help on our trip

There will be a final blog post of the year next week with some of our favourite memories included.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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A big week

13/07/2018 at 18:12


This week has seen two big events of the school year, the first being our superb Sports Day.

In the morning, the children were involved in a variety of fun activities such as rounders, beat the goalie, skipping and welly wanging. Although these events did not count towards the final team points, there was still a great sense of competition among the children. Ashwin was leading by a country mile in the welly wanging until Kieran perfected his overarm throw. The result was too close to call and was declared a draw. In the skipping, Sophie showed some great coordination and stamina and was so impressive that she was asked to stand in for a competitor who was unable to take part in the afternoon race, performing admirably.

The afternoon saw some brilliant performances. Some of the stand out results were by Zak, Phoebe and Olivia in the long run and Sonny and Lillie in the duathlon. Even though there was only one winning team, all the children can feel proud of their efforts and sportsmanship.

Thursday morning was the second big event of the week. The children spent some time with their teacher for next year during transition morning and, although there was some nervousness beforehand, the classes enjoyed their time in Year 4. We are sure that the 3B children will have a great time with Mrs Kroon and Ms Howells and the 3M children with Miss Chambers.

A reminder that on Friday next week is our trip to Eureka.

Special mentions this week go to Amba, Iman, Gabriella, Kellen and Nuraniya. Well done!

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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Sports Day practise

06/07/2018 at 20:08


There has been plenty of practising for next Wednesday’s Sports Day. Everyone has had fun and shown a great effort when having a go at the potato, skipping, sack and flat races, even if that is not their selected event next week. We have also been very impressed with the enthusiasm shown when passing the baton during the relay race. I have a feeling that there will be some very successful athletes on the national stage in a few years’ time.

Outside of the classrooms, the plants being grown by Year 3 are coming on a treat. 3M’s welly flowers are starting to bloom and 3B’s sunflowers are now taller than even a tall Year 3 child. Our tomato plants are also full of fruit and should be ripened before the end of the school year.

Special mentions go to Evie, Erin, Grace, Gursimran and Rovind for superb work, effort and application.

Have a great weekend. (Fingers crossed for England on Saturday but, as I write this, Jimi’s Belgium are looking awesome against Brazil. They will be the team to beat.)

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite.

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Plenty of sport

29/06/2018 at 18:29


Although the very hot weather has meant that we have suspended our daily runs, it has still been a sporty week in Year 3. In PE, the group of netballers have shown massive improvements in their passing and shooting skills, not to mention understanding the complex rules regarding positions on the court.  The footballers have been focusing on their control of the ball and are also showing that their skills are developing. Athletics is hard work under the sun but that group have practised several short-duration running drills, plus have been throwing and catching balls to develop coordination.

On Wednesday, Mr Beevers went with Sonny, Amba, Zak and Lillie from Year 3, plus a group of other children from across KS2 and Year 2, to the John Charles Centre for Sport to take part in the Pudsey Mini Olympics. Nine schools from the local area were represented by some of the best young athletes in Leeds. All the children, including those from Year 3, represented the school superbly in a variety of disciplines and returned with a well deserved third place. Well done!

Girls’ football practice takes place on Monday and Thursday lunchtime and is open to any girl in KS2. At the moment several of the participants are from Year 3, which is brilliant to see. There may be opportunities for the girls to play for the school when they reach Year 4 but if they keep practising, in two or three years time there will be a very strong team available. Keep going girls!

Special mentions this week go to Gracie, Alexis, Joven and Rebecca. Well done for a great week.

Have a lovely weekend and, if you’re going, camp over.

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite

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22/06/2018 at 18:54


Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone,
The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone,
The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone,
Now shake dem skeleton bones!


Our learning in Science this week has focused on skeletons and vertebrate animals.

The classes initially sorted animals into those that have and don’t have bones. 3B were then treated to a day of teaching by our resident orthopaedist (I had to look this one up. It’s the scientific name for a bone expert). Mrs Daniels showed the class several skulls, vertebrae and legs bones of various animals that she has been collecting over the years. She guarantees that all the bones were found on moor and in fields but I suspect that some are the remnants of her Sunday lunch! The children loved the hands on aspect and it really helped to advance their kinowledge.

3M brought their learning to life by creating skeletons using dried pasta. The children first learned  the names of the major bones in the human body then reconstructed them, anatomically correct. They did a superb job and photos of their work can be seen below.

Just for fun, why not have a go yourself and see how many bones you can name.

Special mentions this week go to Abi, Madison, Amilie and Khushi. Well done for a brilliant week.

Have a great weekend and come on England!

Mr Beevers and Miss Micklethwaite.

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